Hi everyone, the lovely La Pedestrienne has me thinking about complements today with her post on the subject. (ETA - I realize in my enthusiasm, I unintentionally really duplicated her post with this thread - so by all means head on over there to share your wisdom instead - with apologies!!!)

It's got me wondering - do you do complements based on a colour (say, a red complement, a blush complement), or as LaPed does, based on a quality of colour (say, a pastel complement, earth-tones complement, or a jewel-tone complement) - or both? Have you found one approach to be more effective than another? Pros and cons of each?

Love to hear more about everyone's complement strategies - I'm hoping to find some 'playtime' in the closet today to sort through mine (and wondering if this might help with my POTO items too!)

Thanks lovelies!