Hi all, just a quick post about my February plans, mostly to keep myself on track and of course to get your wisdom and insights too!

This month, I am going to keep track of the items I wear that I didn't already wear in January, to explore how much variety I need as we return to "normal" winter and whether my choices change at all.

As a 'grab-and-go' dresser most days, I also am interested in those items that I put on (because I obviously like something about them) and then immediately take off (because something clearly is not working). I'm curious what these items might have in common that I can learn from, or whether they are just not in the right season, or what.

Do you have those put-on/take-off items? Why do you think you reach for them but then don't ultimately wear them? How do you decide when to hang on to them and when to pass them along? How do avoid buying those pieces in the first place?