For me, I might put something on and then promptly take it off for these reasons:

1. The color doesn't fit the season (for instance, I don't enjoy pastels in winter). When the seasons change, I usually find myself reaching for the item again. That might be why you aren't wearing your light-colored jeans.

2. The length of the top doesn't work with the rise of the bottoms (this is a biggie for me). The solution was to buy higher-rise bottoms to work with the shorter tops. I've got that sorted, and now I'm happy as a clam wearing my shorter tops.

3. The vibe is one that doesn't feel like "me" when I put the item on. Here, I have to discern whether it is the item itself that has the incorrect vibe or whether the problem is the particular group of pieces I have combined it with. Sometimes changing the supporting act for an item makes all the difference.

4. I don't have the appropriate underpinnings. The solution would be to buy the appropriate undergarments (e.g., a cami with a particular neck or in a particular color), but if I can't find the appropriate ones, then I have to decide whether I love the item enough to hold on to it until I can find them.

5. The item itself is seasonally confused. the case you mentioned, with the wide V-neck sweater, it might feel too exposed for winter wear (not enough fabric at the neck). The solution would be to use an accessory (like a scarf) or layer with another item to cover up the exposed skin so you feel warmer.

I'm dealing with no. 4 right now. I have an ivory turtleneck that I really like, but the material is somewhat sheer. I am OK wearing a nude bra underneath, but the whole reason for wearing a turtleneck is that it is COLD, and that means I need another underlayer. I have two nude camis, and one is a silk one that is slightly loose on me, and when I tuck in the turtleneck, it poofs out at the waist a bit due to the cami. The other nude one looks great with the turtleneck, but it is really tight and doesn't feel good. So what should be a workhorse usually sits in my dresser. Maybe I could remedy the situation by having my cami taken in so that it isn't so poofy.

Ugh, so true, it is so hard to avoid purchasing these items (maybe impossible). I think the ideal would be to go shopping with a really, really specific idea, like “”I need a dark blouse to wear to work. It must be the right length to go with my high waisted blue work slacks. It must also fit under a blazer. It must be washable.” Etc. But shopping that way is awfully tiring- so hard to find something that checks all the boxes. And then I often eventually realize there was a box I forgot all about: “it has to also go with that sweater!” Or, “the neckline has to work with my clip-on badge!” Whatever it might be. Always something comes up later, grrrrr.

Jenni NZ, if it's too hot for jeans now, surely it will cool off and you'll eventually be able to wear your cool Bird of Paradise T then, no? It looks like it's perfect colors for warm fall.

Gigi, you need the wide V-neck sweater from 5 to wear with your T-neck. Too bad this site doesn't have a Star Trek style transformer

I can't get over how quickly things pass through some closets. Fit is the reason I have the biggest trouble wrapping my head around. In past moves back and forth to Germany, I was more lean here, more muscular in the US (at the same weight). That changed my body shape. My body typically changes throughout the year--I don't like to eat as much in summer when it's hot, and I do like to outside & run around, so my weight goes down/I get thinner, and then I put on fat for winter. During the last 8 years, living in Florida, that didn't happen, but there were various other shifts. I can't imagine giving things away and then needing to buy more stuff when my body shifted back or changed in some other way. It isn't just the expense, but also the hassle. Do most people's bodies not do that?

Hey FashIntern it was the other NZer Sal that has the bird of paradise T-shirt. I wish I had it though, I love the colours. I only made a joke about feet in this thread, what's new?
I mostly do have POTO items for shoes, however. For me the shoes are the most important item and I have to pick the colour and style carefully from my 44 possibilities! But generally that is just me being fussy at the time. Except I keep POTO-ing my only pair of mules at present. They are quite old, 2011, and while in good nick I wonder if I am getting tired of them after nearly 8 years.

I mostly move the items out of my wardrobe and to friends daughters or charity shops and then try not to feel too guilty. I also don’t have an especially varied social or work life. I do find the guilt of being wasteful gets to me

I’ve a small wardrobe and ‘only’ 60 pink coat hangers and 6 or 8 skirt hangers, so that’s my limit at the moment.

The number one reason why I put something on and then take it off has got to be the waist issue... top too short or too long for the bottoms...