We are now in mid January. For the first week, I was on leave - so the first set of pictures are what I wore around the house and catching up with friends and relatives. I have a pretty casual life-style, so not a lot of opportunities to dress up.

This week, I have been back at work - and in rather cool air con. So dressing for summer in lighter weight work clothing.

I have been trying to take a photo of my outfit each day. I find it easier to analyse why something does or does not work by looking at a picture.

Holiday - At Home Clothes
Picture 1 - blue jeans and blue top with lilac bag and belt. I wore my tops over jeans like this when I was a teen in the 80's.
Picture 2 - jeans and t-shirt, worn with scarf. I love this t-shirt which I bought in Japan - it is in Finds.
Picture 12 - my jumpsuit - worn to catch up with friends
Picture 3 - my maxi dress (I will chop it to a sundress soon - but thought I would enjoy it as a maxi first)
Picture 4 - this is my "house dress" - so sort of leisure wear and I will pop it on after work. A simple shirt dress that is cool and easy to wear. Bought at a factory outlet, so super cheap.
Picture 5 - a playsuit - a shorts and t-shirt alternative and I have 4 different playsuits that I just wear dog walking and for general at home running around. I love wearing these because they are so comfy.

Back at Work Clothes
Day 1 - white dress, with white tweed jacket and pearls
Day 2 - lavender dress and white boots and jacket and owl bag (needs to be used a bit more and not be treated as a precious item - team wear goal)
Day 3 - Little black suit - jacket in Finds. Bought recently, probably because the jacket was called the "femme fatale jacket" and I am a complete sucker for fun names like that. I do like this suit and how it sits at the back - I made myself laugh trying to take a photo of this jacket as I felt like a contortionist taking photo 9 but you can see the peplum effect of the jacket.
Day 4 - black shirt, pearls and a black and white pencil skirt.
Day 5 - teal dress and black jacket, we have casual dress Friday, so I can be a bit less corporate on a Friday.

Comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Hope you have a great weekend.

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