Opaline - I have you a comedy - not because I thought your comment was funny, but you made me smile. You must go to Japan, they love stickers!

Jane - it sounds like a plan. However, I am pretty sure that the shopping is much better in London than it is in Australia. However, you probably don't get much time to shop when you are at work.

I’m glad to provide a smile. I’ll happily take the comedy.
A trip to Japan would be a dream!

So many great looks 3,6,7 losing track here, but the silhouette in 9 is amazing! Beautiful!

Bijou, you are unbelievably glamorous. Hard to pick a favourite. Maybe the lilac dress. But they are all so good. Your hair is looking great too,

Opaline - I have seen your post and now you have an owl bag too (plus the other lovely bags)! I am so happy for you as I am sure you will love your special bags.

Shevia - I really like #9 because it is a new silhouette for me and it is fun to change things up from time to time.

Brooklyn - thanks for your comment and glad you like my hair. I told my hairdresser to give it a good chop and then got a bit shocked when I realised how much shorter it was. I am enjoying the change. Hope all is well with you as the weather in the East has been all over the place the last month, the West has been much more moderate by comparison (although I suspect our horror heat will arrive in February).

You look wonderful Bijou - hard to pick a favourite but maybe the jeans looks, the playsuit, the black, and the lilac - well that is several favourites.

I do admire your polished looks.

I am interested though - I always think of Perth as very warm yet you seem to have jeans and jackets on - is this air conditioning related or are you not as warm as I think?

Sal, I've wondered that too, thought I just didn't have your seasons figured out quite right.

Sal and Fashintern - the climate where I live (city of Perth) is a Mediterranean climate so hot dry summers and cool wet winters. December is the coolest summer month. My office is air conditioned and my office is freezing every morning (it warms up a bit in the afternoon) so a jacket / sleeves are required at work. All the men wear formal suits, so the temperatures are set so that they are comfortable and I tend to run cold.

At home we only have the air con on during very hot days as usually even the hottest day will cool down in the evening due to ocean breezes that blow up from the Great Southern Ocean - we call the afternoon sea breeze the Fremantle Doctor. I wear jean on days when it is about 30C and below, above that and I will wear a sun dress or playsuit on my non-work days. So far this summer Perth has had beautiful sunny days with average temps of about 30C. Sydney and Melbourne have had much hotter weather than us which is unusual, but February is traditionally our hottest month, so the very hot weather is yet to come. However, I will be quite happy working and so my work clothing will stay the same although on the hottest days I am likely to have bare legs and sandals rather than hosiery and closed in shoes.