I am currently on a hiatus from work (perils of self employment) and have launched myself into a massive wardrobe editing and upcycling drive.

Many years ago I posted about this problematic Nicole Miller dress that I wasn’t wearing. A long sleeved maxi dress. I found the dress too hot for my climate and too much pattern.

At the time I thought to turn it into a sleeveless maxi dress or a midi dress (with sleeves). The general consensus was a midi dress would be better.


I procrastinated.

But now I have acted! I took another option, which was to turn it into a skirt. This was driven partly by the fact that I felt the sleeves were too tight for me. And even as a sleeveless dress it felt like too much pattern.

So it’s a maxi skirt now (pic 2).

I am not going to make it a midi because I don’t want to interrupt the pattern. I know not everyone here likes a maxi skirt but I’m comfortable with it this way

The issue now (sigh!) is the pattern. It is too high contrast for my current taste. Plus I find the more purple colours hard to work with.

I’m thinking of overdyeing it to lower the contrast. I’ve done this lately with several items with great success. (Will report later.)

But the pattern here makes it difficult to predict results. Keep in mind that the original colour will affect the dye result.


*Pink (with some aubergine thrown in)

I think that will turn the purples more red and turn the yellow more orange. (Pic 4 is the skirt with a warm tint applied. Just to give an idea.)

*Light blue

I think that will turn the purples more blue and the yellow more green, maybe teal. Although I don’t wear a lot of blue I like it, especially away from my face. (Pic 5 is the skirt with a cool tint applied.)

When done I plan to wear this skirt casually with a sweater or jacket and combat boots. Pic 6 is the vibe (but try not to be too influenced by the colours of her skirt).

Any thoughts about what would lead to a better result? Other colour suggestions?

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