I'm UWP with a little goth and a little bombshell. It's a work in progress but Im having a ball with it.

I am loving all the creative derivatives here - everyone is welcome in the Tribe!

Not one ounce of UWP in me. I am going Jason Wu/Kate Spade for spring if that tells you anything about where my style is headed. But I appreciate UWP on others!

I do love the look, and I have a huge affinity for stompy boots and lots of hardware, but I don't think it is my primary descriptor. Maybe on the weekends...

That makes you SOME kind of princess, Laura!

So interesting!

Laura, we'll leave you with "Princess"!

Zap, you're Sleek Urban Princess

Diana, I see a little UWP, but much more Victorianna, Steam-punk, Boho and Whimsy.

Claire, I LOVE Princess Off Duty for you!

Suz, you, me and Inge are Urban Princes. No Warrior. Lots of Refinement. Equal Parts Boyish and Ladylike. A little Romance and Preppy. No nonsense and lots of Inner Punk.

I think shedev hit it for me - I'm a WIP (Work in Progress.) Still. Sigh.

Gaylene, you're an Urban Warrior Queen.

Rachy, you're a Quirky Warrior Waif.

Angie, you come up with the best descriptors for people's style! I love when you bestow titles on people for their birthday posts, it always makes me smile.

This needs to be board game with words - like take one of these elements (U, W, P) and come up with your own new term. I bet everyone here has one of these elements in their style....

I need to get Academic Sci-fi Warrior Princess on my next set of business cards. The princess part makes me leery though, it's the only sticking point i have with UWP. I so don't identify with princessy stuff. But it's hard to find an equivalent title in weight!

Ceit, I actually thought about the term "princess" quite a bit. It's a word I want to wrest back from Disney... It comes from my unwarranted sense of a) innate superiority (per my husband), and b) responsibility for the world and my subjects. Like Xena or Death (if you read Sandman):


Yes, I can see the liege/guardian aspect, it appeals to me

@Ceit, how about countess or duchess lol

Regal but not too girly?

Hi, just checking in here, since I posted one of the threads above asking what the elements of UWP style are. My hand is up, I think. My main style is Demure Bombshell but my secret shadow style is UWP. I really love UWP style, find myself attracted to and inspired by it and I try out looks that I consider UWP from time to time. But like Zap I don't have a speck of RATE in me, so I am not sure I really could be considered a true UWP. I am very ladylike and don't like wearing very masculine or heavy combat gear or distressed/shredded clothes. But I like black and leather and juxtaposing tough and girly elements. And I think I posted an outfit once that I called "Trinity goes to work" or something like that. Some of my favorite pieces are my new black studded satchel and my Frye and Mia lace up boots/booties, and my hammered silver bracelet from WHBM and spiky bracelet from F21. I like to reference the style without getting full on down and dirty. So if there is such a thing as a polished UWP, heavy on the P, that would be more my style. I'm sympathetic to the cause, but I'm working in the UWP office headquarters instead of down in the combat trenches, LOL!

I wonder what Angie thinks of my UWP quotient and would call me, since I know she doesn't consider me particularly Bombshell either!

Oh, I love my new title, so sleek:) Thank you Angie!
Natalie: Come join me in the Sleek Urban Princess kingdom!

I clicked on this topic not knowing what my answer would be, since I am a little unclear on what precisely an urban warrior princess is supposed to look like. But after reading Una's description:

"A love of boots is clearly mandatory. Gear-related hardware, be it studs, buckles, zippers, snaps, or chains. Military, rugged, futuristic (or alternately medieval - weapon of choice may be sword or lightsaber!), utilitarian, steampunk, sci-fi, industrial..."

...and since she's the one who invented and identifies with the term, I'm going to take that as the official definition. So I think I must be. I don't feel like a princess, but my outfits often involve boots, hardware like zips, studs and buckles, and an industrial or steampunk touch. Rugged and military are words that make my ears perk up. And we have at least four lightsabers kicking around the house...

Plus, I just purchased these Fluevog Swordfish high-heeled boots, which I think must be an automatic qualifier. ha ha.


Can I be an UWQ instead?

Ceit, my liege! I would love to rock the boots and blazers as you do.

Zap, I know! I feel like we are long-lost style twins! We keep inadvertently buying the same exact clothes and accessories! We'll hold down the UWP Kate Spade fort!

I know, it is hilarious.

This discussion is helping me realize I really am not very Warrior. I do want to be more refined and ... sophisticated! It feels weird saying that. But it's good to know!

That is why I love YLF -- the random insights you can get from the discussions are so valuable and wonderful!

Ooh - Angie - LOVE!!! Urban Prince. Yeah. With inner punk! That is perfection. I am taking that descriptor shopping with me. Thank you!!

Tara, you can join the League of Urban Princes if you wish.

I am definitely UWP, lol! And very late to this discussion, but I'm having so much fun reading the comments.

Although I feel I sport a slightly different version of UWP than Una and Ceit, I think part of the fun of UWP is how broadly it can be interpreted. "City stuff + martial stuff + luxury stuff" is generally how I think of the style persona - and "martial" alone could mean anything from Spartan to modern military to The Matrix.

Angie also identified my warm-weather UWP offshoot this year - SGT: Steampunk Grilie Tomboy. I still see it as a subset of UWP - steampunk as a specific type of city dress, girlie as a specific type of princess, and tomboy as a certain type of warrior.

Not UWP! I like the look, but find it fights my body and....um.....scares my friends. If my lifestyle allowed, I'd be in loungewear until someone served me lunch, and in evening gowns after 4pm. Every. Day.

Beth Ann, I think that makes you a Diva

Lover of boots and RATE elements, but not into UWP for myself.

Luckily in addition to checking out all the forum posts on the style, I have friends who like that style so I get to shop vicariously for the look!

Oh, Ceit, you have no idea. But what would Maria Callas do in suburbia? Color is my secret weapon. And I fight the casual dystopia with luxurious textures and just the barest bit of bling. And I sing the perfect chromatic scale when I take out the trash.

I knew it, Suz :). With our very short hair - we are Ladylike Princes - not Princesses. You have to have a pixie to be a Prince! We wear Docs but are not rugged. We wear hardware that is refined. Our graphic and crisp styles are not Warrior. They are Urban Tension. We fight like girls - always with grace and good posture - while we outsmart the boys.

Atlantia, thanks! We need to bestow you with some official royal titles

Zap, I think I finally nailed your descriptor if I do say so myself.

Tara, you're Earthy Urban Chic by the looks of it.

Ceit, can we make you a Knight? Academic Sci-fi Urban Knight.

Beth, I love Ceit's Diva descriptor. I'll add on Romantic. Romantic Diva!

Wow, Angie, you are on a roll tonight!! I am copying and pasting this into a note for myself.

Earthy Urban Chic is perfect for Tara! Romatic Diva for Beth Ann! Ceit, of course, a Knight! Sleek Urban Princess for Zap....whoa. Too much brilliance!