Holy cow, I'm taking all of the above, Una & GX.
As a matter of fact, little Zap thinks I look very anime or comic heroine - ish, because of my eyes (They are actually slanted and I have zero Asian in me, go figure) and my hair/ponytail. She will get a crack out of this one.

Off to ponder how can do this tax auditing gig in costume lol....

I can see that Zap -- my eyes curve up at the edges too. A couple times people have asked if I am Thai. Nope, solely of Irish and British stock!

Just ran across this thread. I'd like to join the UWQs. In 1999 or so, I was Xena Warrior Princess for Halloween (and I can still fit into my costume!), but well, that was over a dozen years ago and I'm beyond the princess stage but not beyond being an urban warrior in a city where the cops don't come unless there is a murder in progress. Love my gunmetal nail polish. Had spikey hair until last summer; growing it out after two decades but this time with gray so it will still look RATE.

May I join as the UPP (Urban Peace Prince)? Otherwise, I'm there on the sidewalk looking in this amazing window at all the UWP and UP and UQ variations with strong admiration.