"Urban Prince" -- love it!

I'm definitely RATE and identify with UWP, but not so much with the "P" aspect (like Desmo April). Perhaps UWR (Urban Warrior Rocker)?

Gaylene, you are awesome! I kneel (or curtsy) in your presence! I hope to be an UWQ like you someday!

So, what I wore today kind of exemplifies my schizophrenic Demure Bombshell-UWP tendencies. The leopard pencil skirt is very demure bombshell, but the black leather jacket, black top with exposed asymmetrical zipper, black studded satchel and black booties are more UWP (at least for me). Would I say this look is a good example of UWP? Not really, but it has some UWPish details.

Here are some other of my previous outfits that I considered UWP-inspired:

Hmmm, now that I look at these outfits, they all do look pretty polished and not that UWP at all. Scratching my head. Maybe I'm not as tough as I think I am? One of my style goals for this year was to incorporate more UWP touches in my look, hence the studded satchel. Maybe I'll have to go peruse Una's Pinterest page!

Desmo April: That is exactly how I see bohemian as well! Often with a side order of androgynous elements.

I think a lot of my clothes fit the moniker, but style-wise I'm more of a Bombshell Assassin.

Bombshell Assassin is soooo cool!

I love this thread. When the zombie apocalypse comes, we will be a pre-organized force.

Also, Tarzy, I will try and remember to knock before setting the door on fire...

...well, I don't think Quirky Warrior Waifs kick down doors... I love that Angie. I'm ready to build a mansion out of cast-off pallet's and milk crates... hehe. I have *V*isions now....

Not personally drawn to UWP.

You ladies have been busy!-))
I had a ball reading all your comments this morning. And Angie: you have a real knack for coming up with descriptors that are spot on and very catchy, you should do this for a living;-)

My inner punk was nodding in agreement while reading your Urban Princes descriptions, and I was still smiling while thinking of my fellow UPs, super stylish Suz and you, as I was walking - briskly (UPs can walk fast:-) - through the streets of Antwerp an hour later.

the longer spend on YLF the more i realize that beneath my modern classic/updated preppy style; there's a UWP who wants to come out to play sometimes.

Alaska, thanks for sharing that pintrest page!! I didn't even know what this style was called! I always thought of it as artistic rock chic. In my head this has always been my style calling. I admit, I do not dress like this.... but I want to. I have zero clue how to go about dressing like this. I would not even know where to find clothes like this - there is nothing like this in Macy's! These clothes are probably in some little boutique downtown in the dark dingy basement of a bar.... no? Urban Outfitters is the closest in mass retailers that can have clothes like this. And designer Melissa Fleis from Project Runway Season 10, this is how I would characterize her clothes, and Elena from the same season as well.

Total epiphany, thank you! Now I need to know - where do I go to make this style happen for me???

You'd be surprised where you can find elements of this style! I don't have arty obscure boutiques or access to a lot of US stores and I still find things! You have to be able to break something out of how the store has styled it and transform it. Often as an ease in, I find getting some UWP accessories -- belts and jewellery, bags etc. will get you started and edge up some less UWP items.

I LOVE the UWP look but do not aspire to dress or currently wear clothing of this type. I think my style is more Urban Pretty (credit to the Boden catalogue) or Practical Princess. Looking at recent what I wears I fear my style may look a little aloof, where as, the UWP is out front and centre.

No. In fact, I've been moving towards a more refined and simple look for myself.

I have a few rugged items in my closet collected over the years, mostly for casual wear, but this style is not reflected in my newer purchases nor in the things I am hoping to add to my wardrobe in the near future.

I do think YLF's army of UWPs rock it well!

Have not read most of the comments. I am influenced by UWP. Not sure if I'm quite that look. I love it on others here.

Mochi - you're a Romantic Urchin Prince. (Urchin having only positive connotations to me -- think clever and cheeky grin). It is sort of the RATE version of the Urban Prince (a title that Angie kindly bestowed upon me, Inge, and herself) and I think we are long-lost cousins.

I think Shevia might be one of these as well.....

We're not blood relatives, Suz, but we were raised in the same Dickensian orphanage together...

I've loved reading this discussion. To answer Angie's question, I'm not UWP. I love the look on the ladies that can pull it off and look great doing it, but it's not for me. I think I'm somewhere in the natural, preppy classic sphere with a bit of retro thrown in for flair. Or, at least trying to throw retro in.

Una, a rugged belt is a good challenge for me! I don't wear belts much but can see this might work. Still, is there such a thing as a UWP obi belt?....

Definitely not UWP. I like the look but I'd feel like I was in costume. I feel more like myself in things that are more simple/minimal and classic. And the 70s are my favorite fashion decade - that wasn't a very UWP decade, was it?

What a great thread! I'm not sure I'm an UWP exactly, but I definitely have a good dose of it coursing through my veins. I'd be lost without my boots and leather jacket(s). I go back and forth between wearing my hair up and tidy or long and loose. I'm not always comfortable being RATE, and then some days, it's absolutely the right thing for me. Maybe I'm more like Kelly and am a tidy UWP. Then, there's my love of beautiful scarves which go on right over the top of my beat up moto jacket. Hmm, dunno. I've loved Aragorn since I was a little girl, and wanted (to be) him forever! Hehee. Such fun here.

I love this thread!

I'm definitely not an UWP, but I love the look on others. I also prefer rugged and a bit RATE to smooth and shiny, but I think it's a different kind of rugged. And I would say I'm more country than urban. L'Abeille called it "Euro Prairie" some time ago.

I wonder if coloring and/or build contribute to the ability to pull of UWP. As a small-boned, pale-skinned blonde I can easily look like I am overwhelmed by my clothes if I am not careful. That is why I go for a more sleek look. It just fits my presence better. Love the UWP look on those who can pull it off though. Those outfits that I feel UWP in are probably still mostly gentrified looking to others.

This thread EXPLODED over night. Wow!! I wish I had the time - and the arm - to respond to all of you. I will start a summary thread of this one so that we can see our descriptors in one place.

To GX: If I had it my way, I would dress like Elecktra every day, as impersonated by Jennifer Garner, so I so totally get the bombshell assasin LOL.

Gaylene, I LOVE that! Perfect description, right down to the acceptability of a little cleavage but not so much leg. I would gladly accept the UWQ moniker!

Janet, you MUST have Rocker in your descriptor!

Not quite Aragorn, not quite Trinity. I think Brienne is my closest fit (without the self esteem issues, at least since adulthood). So what does that make me?

Zap - Electra! Trinity! Both TV Nikitas! Black Widow! - Oddly, I can't think of any real life people to list, lol. You should totally add a little 'assassin' to your bombshell!!!

That's because they are all undercover being awesome spies!

I'm adding Catwoman for Zap...