ETA: so I had my haircut today! I told the stylist what I wanted (a new one -turns out mine is on Mat leave!) and she was a bit hesitant to do it. She talked to the owner of the salon (who is a master of curly hair ) and he said that he liked asymmetrical on my bit that what I was proposing would be too severe for my face shape. So what they did instead was similar but instead of an undercut (he said that was dated) - they did it short on one side and gradually made it longer in the back to the other side - he called it “Prince in his Purple Rain phase”
I love it and although the difference is subtle, it does feel softer and more modern to my eye. I feel like a new woman
THANK YOU to all of you for encouraging me to go with my gut!

Photos attached below (7-10) - it’s hard to catch the back in photos but I tried my best!

Hi ladies,
I need haircut help! In the last two years, I have gone from having a near- pixie to shoulder length to everything in between (my hair grows REALLY fast.)

I have had a bob for the past few months, after chopping it from shoulder length. I think I want to go back to a stark asymmetrical cut - I miss my edge, and as my hair gets more silver, a curly bob is starting to feel like it’s sneaking into Golden Girl territory. This is especially important for me because I’m thinking of a be career direction and I want to look modern and style-forward as I age.

My stylist told me that an asymmetrical cut is dated - what do you think?

#5 is my hair now; #1-3 is the haircut I’m thinking of.

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