Oh, wow! That's terrific! And I love that the stylist identified what was dated (the undercut, interesting!) and gave you something current that works so well.

Wow, I love it! And it does feel fresh/new but still very you. Sounds like you frequent an excellent salon!

What a great stylist. You look wonderful and happy!

The entire cut is fantastic but the amazing part of the cut is the back. Curly hair is so difficult to get right in the back. Your hairdresser is really talented.

So fab! I love it.

I want to go to your salon! I love how they took your idea and gave it just enough of a new twist. It looks fab, super chic and hip, and much more congruent with your style than the grown-out bob.

It's gorgeous!! Love the new cut and your look sensational! I love the way it highlights your gorgeous curls. Just fabulous.

This has been an interesting hair story, thanks for sharing. ylf

Beautiful! Love the softness with the edge - your smile is amazing!

LOVE.IT! Perfect haircut for you.

Looks fantastic,love the prince analogy!You can have a purple phase now too if you want!

I love the new cut. It’s edgy in front but with a lovely softness in the back. Much more complementary to your beauty than the bob.

That is a fab haircut, glad that you followed what you thought.


Like Jaime, you were made to sport an asymmetrical cut, Roxanna!

oh Roxanne love the new haircut! It is so modern, soft and edgy!

Kudos to your hairdresser too for proposing this hairstyle!

Very nice! A bit more balanced than before and nice volume in the back.

WOW!!! Fabulous new haircut. Your hair salon sounds like an excellent place to go.

Late here, but this thread was such an interesting read and your new cut is fab-u-lous! I love the collaborative process at the salon--they listened to you, added their expertise, and the result is really chic and suits you so well.

Very pretty! The cut and color are fabulous.

Like Angie said! You and Jaime were made to sport the most gorgeous asymmetrical cuts! (loved the longer and the undercut shapes, too-you have such a great natural color and texture-no matter what!) So, I say rock it girl!