Yesterday's fantastic blog post detailing the guidelines for dressing pear body type is something I'll be returning to a lot. The sheer volume and level of details is astonishing and for someone like myself who prefers playing within well defined framework and learning the rules of the game before I decide how to expand on or leave it, the post with guidelines for dressing my body shape is basically the best imaginable style lab.

I did not comment much on the post itself because just reading left me dizzy with ideas, but I finally collated a selection of outfits which showcase the tricks I already use and what I want to expand on.

I hope the visuals will be of use to the other pretty pears.

  1. My personal no.1 guideline is to draw the view above, be it through interesting details or structured shoulder-line, pattern and/or colour and the right sort of neckline.
  2. The next is to use the right sort of jeans (bootcuts - least favourite, straight - hard to get the right length, skinnies - absolute favourite, bf - growing affection for this style)...
  3. ...or fit & flare dresses or skirts...
  4. ...or some other style of skirt which will not pull over the widest part of my body.
  5. I love the length of tops which ends around the hips, again - it's a style which avoids that horrible clinging.
  6. Finally, something I've always been drawn to is asymmetry. I love the playful and unexpected vibe it projects and the figure flattery is just an added bonus.

We have the bodies we have - we can either accept them or spend a lifetime wishing for some perceived perfection. I chose to no longer question but to love what I've been given and I as time goes by I take more and more pride in rejecting the clothes that don't suit me - because it's the clothes that are wrong, not my body.

Thank you once again Angie and YLF for teaching me to have fun with fashion

And now if I could only have one day to spend with my wardrobe and try all those other guidelines...

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