Pearfect indeed! You are such an inspiration.

Wow! I am inspired. I learned a lot from your post, mostly that I need to embrace my pear-ish tendencies with the confidence you beam out. Because you look fab! My favorite is the white skirt with green top and hat - stunning!

This is brilliant, you are stunning and your shape is just the right one for you!
I especially love the fit and flare looks- you are so adorable!

Thank you again lovely people, it makes me happy that the thread resonates with you and you find it useful too

UnA ::

Lisa :: I hear you about breaking down that post to smaller chunks. It can keep us both busy for a long time. As for the skirt style, I also think you'd look great in A-style. About sticking out issue, maybe you were trying the ones made of the wrong fabric. What I find is that although we define something as e.g. A-line, there are still numerous factorst to get right before it actually works for each individual: fabrics, how wide actually is that "A" on top of what our own bodies actually look like - bum, position and measurements of the waist, where we want the hem to end. I think you might try some in heavier fabrics (ponte) to begin with?

Speaking of shorts, I steered away from them for the last 20 years! It was towards the end of summer last year that I started changing my mind after seeing many fabbers rocking them. I will try to find something, but only try.

Beth Ann :: I agree 100% on nobody being symmetrical. That said, the eye also loves the golden ratio and both eye and mind love the harmony, which is why in style-talk we keep going back to the issue of proportion. That is my next big challenge, understanding fully which and how the proportions work on me. Although, I'm tempted to just play with the asymmetry more following your comment.

Suz :: you asked about finding the right cuts for me. Yes, you are right - finding the stuff that works for me is difficult. All the time. The first and most important elimination parameter when shopping is my height (btw, hence my blog name *Tall…* ), followed by what will dress my bodyshape (*…& PearFect*).

I'm in the very narrow niche market because:

  • a) tall clothing is often not available as an option at all;
  • b) when it is available it may still not be long enough for me;
  • c) when the size does exist, it's everything else that needs to be right - necklines, sleeve styles, waist height, the whole lot.
  • d) finally, when the clothes is available and long and of acceptable price, it may still not work because the quality or price or ratio of quality/price is unsatisfactory.

With all this in mind, I don't deliberately shop with the right proportion in mind. Not yet. It's not completely accidental when I get it right either - I do read the feedback here and try to replicate what you all told me worked, but it's something I want to work on more.

But, the way I shop is very much by the well defined set of filters. If I like the colour then it's looking into details top to bottom: is it the right neckline then is it the right type of collar then is it the right cut of the sleeve then is the top too short at the back or is the jeans high, mid or low rise… you get the idea. Only then I actually try it on and look at the garment as a whole.

This way I also don't get overwhelmed by the selection. It actually helps me focus better when I have more reasons for elimination. Apart from a few times when I was desperate for replacement and could not find anything, I no longer shop in a hurry or settle for something out of pure frustration or pressing need. I know what my wardrobe needs and wants are, and I keep one eye open for those. And sometimes it helps when I don't find something soon, as my preferences shift and I am not left with the potential orphan.