...til the bloom is off the rose and inventory is gone?

I love these boots. All of them, but I can't have them all.

I'm giving two footwear styles a test run right now--patterned loafers and light-colored booties. I loved the booties when I got them, knew the loafers were just a trial.

Results? I'm wearing the loafers way more than expected, and the booties show how badly I lack Angie's keep-your-boots-clean magic. They'd be easier to clean if they were suede instead of an imitation that I'm afraid to rub too hard. So no more light-colored shoes for me--I'm getting flashbacks to white patent leather Mary Janes, and my mother's dismay at my Muggle ways.

I slacked off exercising, need to recover my progress and continue. I want to give myself boots as a reward in January, if I've met my goal. Here's my question: I'm pretty good at outlets and sales sites but how long can I expect items not currently reduced to remain available and will sizes not available now be restocked? Cause I love these boots.