Aye, Mateys, it’s been a week that I’ve been on this challenge. The idea is to limit myself to 30ish items for about 30 days. Orange and brown are really not my colors, so I’m trying to find other color combos that look autumnal. High temps have been 70s and 80s, lows in the 60s. My main discovery so far is that I don’t wear enough clothes. I’ve taken a picture every time I’ve gone out of the house (besides the school run) or, in some cases, when I came back home in something i haven’t worn/photographed yet, and I barely passed half a dozen items, arrrg. Enough pirate talk, on to the pix.

#1 I’m new at this, forgot to take the mirror shot, but did take a “working in the coffee shop” joke pic for something else. Cranberry lightweight sweater, long floral shorts, Call it Spring shoes, “bronze” chain.
2 & 3. Cranberry sweater and necklace repeat, bootcut jeans, blush booties to stroll half a mile to a nice restaurant & back.
4. Lands End dress, CiS shoes shopping for pants with my son and dinner in mall restaurant.
5 & 6 olive Kut shorts, “starry” Stateside tank top, cardigan from the Loft, CiS shoes, colorful beads. (See those knock knees? That’s why I don’t do pencil skirts much). Cooler temps mean the ponytail is lower and I can add a cuff to it.

I felt good in every one of these outfits. The last one is probably my favorite, with or without the cardi. I think that’s because the color combo (which I realize is not earth-shakingly new) is one I haven’t worn before.

Shoes: there was a pair of (embroidered?) loafers in NAS this year that I thought were cute, but they were expensive, and I didn’t know if I’d actually wear them. So I got some cheaper loafers that I think are similar. I wear them all. the. time. I have several pix of me in them from before starting this challenge. When I wear them out, I think I’ll look for a higher-quality/longer-lasting pair. There is no reason I couldn’t have worn them with the jeans except that I was looking forward to wearing the booties. I’m less excited about the booties than I expected to be, will see if that changes. Right now I’m leaning towards a lower heel (these are comfortable but I have several pairs of boots at this height) and either a blush with more pink in it or dark red shoes as a replacement pair (these are also a low price/quality test run, so will wear out soon).

Thanks for looking. Comments and suggestions/discussion welcome.

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