I’m still trying to do a 30-day wardrobe challenge with berry/plum colors in lightweight materials for fall weather on Florida’s Sunshine Coast. I had thought this was going to be a busy time, but in fact I worked from home quite a bit this week, so didn’t really get dressed iykwim. That made it a pretty weak week, wiw-wise.

The Old Navy puffer vest arrived. I had thought of wearing it with the navy dress, but the color is really drab and unpleasant. Fingers crossed that I like the Hollister one when it arrives Tues. So I wore the dress with only the extremely minor changes of burgundy/plum/berry Clarks shoes and my beads.

An outfit I didn’t get a picture of was the olive shorts from last week with the CiS loafers and this sweatshirt. Sweatshirts or sweaters + shorts is a thing that happens here, but halfway through the day I realized that feeling “cool” air (near 70) on my legs was not getting me in the fall mood, so the next day I pulled out the capris. Ahh. Much better.

I feel like I’m cheating somehow, not in agony and therefore probably not getting as much out of the challenge as I could/should, but I really didn’t go out other than a teacher conference (they moved my boy up a math class, woot woot), to dinner with the neighbor, and to the mall looking for blush to buy. I came home empty handed, other than some ideas of what to get my son for Christmas.

I might get him this shirt. https://www.express.com/clothi...../color/RED It reverses to dark grey. He has a couple baseball color-blocked short-sleeved T-shirts from Hollister that he likes, so I thought this would go over well. I asked him about colors tonight. He says his favorite color to wear is “grey. Black if I’m feeling spicy. If I’m on acid (no, not an actual thing in his life), maybe beige”. And he wants wide-legged pants. Everything opposite how his Mama dressed him.

ETA Bonus WIWs from before starting the challenge. I am really surprised that I’m liking/wearing the CiS shoes much more than the sandals in #4 that I expected to be my go-tos. That outfit looks entirely uninspired; I can’t figure out how to tie things together when temps are in the upper 80s and I’d rather not have to wear any clothes at all. The bracelet in it is new; I wear necklaces so often that I thought it’d be a nice change.

Looking forward to comments/suggestions

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