I love to look at it but I don't wear it. Love that burgundy jacket​and floral skirt together, it's​ soooooo good

JAileen - if you are reading this. Yes, to the annoyance of the RM long fringes on bags being a bit annoying. I have 3, and the two that actually have the long suede strings, and over the past year or two, have lost the odd one to getting caught on something or just falling off. It annoys me less on my handbag than on my tote - because I carry the tote in my hand and the fringe things drag on the ground if i'm not careful. Yuck.

I love your florals Brooklyn, they are becoming a real signature style.  The skirts are fun because they are less expected, and you have done a great job of keeping the colour palette tight.  They all suit you so well - your gym tops are fun too!!

I am another fan of florals.  In summer I have two bold floral dresses that I love.

I also have a few pseudo florals - a maxi skirt that I think is actually a feather pattern, and my new witchery blouse that I think is actually leaves.

And of course many of my WIW are in front of very large floral wallpaperr.

On me I like a bold floral - it can be "feminine and fresh" but not "ditsy".  I am happy with overblown florals or stylised florals.

Here is an asortment of my florals and pseudo florals (just attaching now) 

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Lisa, thanks for responding. I would hate to have things drag on the ground, too. I wonder if it would be sacrilege to cut the fringes shorter. I haven't ordered the bag yet. I kind of wish a satchel with a long strap came in silver. I would be able to return it if it doesn't seem right.

Hi Brooklyn, you look fantastic as always. I break my heart about your dress- it is my absolute fave of these pics. SO beautiful.
As far as flowers... I've not been participating in the like or don't like trends threads. I feel they are very Northern Hemisphere focused as is much of the blog, by necessity I realise since it is based there. Just seemed little point commenting on cold shoulder tops when I'm pulling out merino.
I adore florals, ever since a little girl, and the first dress I remember choosing for myself aged 13 was floral. I will love them until I die. If I look like someone's "Mom", well, that's the eclectic matriarch persons in play!

Well now I want to run right out and buy some florals! Inspiring.

Suz and others, did you see the new floral tees at Uniqlo? Some are more toile-like.

Wow! Thanks everyone. It's early morning here. I posted late last night. What a great response! I am glad to see that there are so many floral lovers. Some will need more convincing, he he
JAileen, I love RM bags. They seem like great quality. That particular bag is really unusual for the combination of colour and fringe. I got it for a bargain price on Gilt (just a little tip). I haven't found an issue with the fringe. I don't tend to put my bags on the ground. I haven't had it that long so I am not sure about fringe longevity. It did come with an optional strap for wearing on the shoulder. My only issue is a slight aesthetic issue - the fringes are sort of on one side not the other. But I would still buy it again because it's so unique. And a nice leather.
I have to get ready for work now but I will be back later to respond in more detail to everyone's comments.

Back again since my tailor came through.

These are both old and new florals. I did try to add a dark floral during winter but struck out. Now I want to steal all yours!

1st shot...examples of what I referenced in another thread re choosing combos that include at least 2 of hair, skin, eye, blush/lip color.

2nd includes blue top I love but still need to try with bottoms. And the aggressively flowered silk jersey I call my Wamsutta bedspread floral.

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Looking great in floral Brooklyn!
Veronica Maine had a floral dress in their Autumn collection that reminded me of you as soon as I saw it.

Your florals are great! They look trendy and modern. I have had my eye out for a floral wardrobe addition this season, but I've found nothing yet. I'm just going to leave room in my closet/budget, just in case I should stumble on something and fall in love.

I am loving that people are posting their floral pics. I might have to fess up that the photos show just a sample of my floral collection. I will be back later!

Lol i was thinking I should just take a photo of my closet to show my floral collection. ;). But for now here's a selfie of today's outfit which features my floral sweater and floral tote.

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Brooklyn, here's my floral: today I wore the grey tee with white as you suggested. I think the flowers are dandelions!

The forecast for today was 82F/28C.

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Oh my gosh - such floral prettiness! Brooklyn, your florals are stunning - you have an amazing ability to put together pieces that suit you so beautifully.
And I love seeing everyone else's floral, too. I'm glad this is a trend that so many of you are loving - it's just the best when something you like is readily available in the stores, no?
I'm drawn to the occasional abstract widely spaced floral, but for the most part they just don't feel like "me".

Wow! I just love everything and you look so great. You really know how to rock the pencil skirt!

Your florals are lovely. I am a fan of florals, especially when they are abstract. This year I have mostly purchased floral accessories, but I also purchased a dress. The scarves have already seen lots of wear.

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! And especially to the non-lovers of floral.

Staysfit, those are beautiful. I love the abstract florals too, but I prefer a darker colour scheme. I did buy an abstract dark green and blue floral skirt
last year. But I ended up having to return it because the design was faulty.

JAileen, you are a treasure. I think I gave good advice! YLF!

Diana, I love your florals! And I am lusting after a floral handbag of some kind. I wouldn't mind a floral sweater either..

Vix, hi! Your florals are so perfectly curated! I love your tunics in particular. Finding a floral tunic that is right pattern, right length and right fabric is a HEWI for me. But I am seeing lots of floral skirts here. I am sure you would rock one.

Grayscale. Hmm, Uniqlo. I will keep my eye out.

Jenni, hi! Yes, I know what you mean but, as you say, it can't be helped. I do think there is a lot of commonality in the trends over the seasons (silhouette, colours, patterns etc), so that makes it's interesting.

Sally, you look great in your florals. I think feathers, and cranes and leaves are all part of the same trend. I love your wallpaper too. I would wear that as a top with no hesitation. I just may have been inspired by you to order a Witchery blouse (a little similar to yours, but blue based) in their current 25% off sale. I don't have much in the way of long sleeved floral for the coming winter. We will see how it goes!

Smittie, yes! it was sad about the dress. I am even sadder now that Angie gave it a K2K!

Shedev, you might have better luck in Autumn/Winter. Spring/ Summer colours tend to be brighter.

Janet, yes!!! I think that too. I am the office bound Janet, ha ha! I think your style leans a bit more rock and roll than mine, and I lean a bit more boho and 70s influenced than you, but there is a lot of commonality. I enjoy your posts. I wish I could wear jeans as well as you do.

FC, this surprises me. I assumed that you would be on board because I think we have a lot of commonality in style preferences too. But I am glad you have an open mind.

Sheila, I also have a green floral pencil skirt (see Finds). I am sure the perfect green floral is out there for you

Viva, the dress fits true to size. I took my usual size. It will be long enough for you. I am tall and a bit prudish about skirt lengths (on me). I would just suggest some caution because of the rip. The rip occurred along the seam at the back. It may be that I caught it on something, or it may be the skirt was straining a little because I was wearing a tube skirt underneath. My husband thinks I must have caught it on something, because it is quite shredded. But it may be a quality issue. I am just not sure. It also creases a little with wear, but that's kind of to be expected. The black and white floral tee is by Lamb and Lamb, an Australian brand. It's bamboo, so very comfortable and breathable.


Angie, thank you! The K2K makes me extra sad about the dress But at least I can salvage a top out of it.

Xtabay, I love the Japanese inspired florals too! They are more delicate than the large scale vintage inspired prints, but just as lovely.I have a skirt and top which I think are more Japanese inspired (see Finds).

EmilyK. If that top weren't poly with a racer back, I would be wearing it for casual summer wear too.

Bijou, that velvet coat is TDF! And you know I love your floral boots.

Always Trying, I hope you live up to your moniker and find your perfect floral. I like the top that Vix suggested. In the northern hemisphere you have a lot more options than us down south.

Suz, Joy, liasp and Ipr200, yes, patterns are so personal aren't they? I am quite picky about florals too, but there seems to be a lot to choose from at the moment, so I am stocking up. I don't really care for the ditsy patterns either. And I have a general preference for large scale (although I do like the Japanese versions that Xtabay talks about).

Suz, I get your issue with floral. FWIW, I have seen lots of blue based florals here. Ink seems to be trending pretty heavily still. So maybe your perfect floral is out there. Interesting observation about wearing floral on bottom rather than on top. I think that's right though. I am less likely to tire of a patterned bottom than a patterned top. I am going to have to ponder why that is so. But it is a good insight to have.

Angie, just saw your ETA. Yes, there is a floral for everyone! I might not be a bright floral gal, but I love your embroidered jeans. That is something I am thinking about.

Stunning Brooklyn! I am too far away from the original post to look up and be specific but the white jacket outfit and the dress stood out!

You look great in these outfits! I especially love how you pull your outfits together through repeating color.

I'm not a huge floral fan, but I'm not hating the trend either. I wouldn't mind having a few floral pieces in my wardrobe.

Shevia, someone once asked me if that white jacket is Chanel. I was so thrilled. (It's Zara.)

Gigi, you are hip to my tricks I think those jeans might count as floral.

You look fab in floral. I really like the versatility of the skirts. I only have 2 florals in my wadrobe but i love them.

Wow, like these-as I have the exact same preferences ref. a floral patter, who knew! Only I didn't find mine in a skirt, but i have bought 3(!!) new floral dresses (for each of my life purposes: work, casual and dressy) and love them all!

Oh, and wearing a tonal tube under a dress too short is GENIAL!!!!! Thanx so much for the idea-see if I can apply(?).

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Brooklyn, you always have the greatest outfits! I wish I could wear jackets like you!

Onto florals...I like them on others but have very few myself. They have to be bold, graphic and often abstract. And I've found I've ended up with a few things that are described as "poppy print" on the labels; however, I'm not really looking for poppies. I did love them when I lived in CA, though, lol!

Love all of these, especially the red outfit. I love moody florals too. You didn't include you floral boots, are they still working for you?

Love your florals! I have a sugar eye for floral pencil skirts and have 2 on the go. I had to give myself strict criteria for colors so they will go with the best colors for tights and tops.