Work it! I'm a florals girl too.

Thank you again to everyone. I am loving all this enthusiasm for floral.

Rachy and Ledonna, I knew you would be on board!

UF, I'd love to see those pencil skirts.

Caro, yes! I forgot to mention my boots! I haven't worn them yet this year because it's still so warm. But I plan to.

Dana, you are a sweetie. A poppy print sounds good. I must admit I don't give much thought to what the actual flowers are. I should be paying more attention!

Lyn, lovely dresses. How about a pencil skirt, fellow pencil skirt queen? I hope you can use the tube skirt idea to advantage.

Angie, I know. Sad But I think it will make a good top.

And today I figured out what is missing from my floral every day collection: PJs!! I need some floral pyjamas ASAP!

That's too bad about the dress, it is beautiful. At least you can still wear it as a top. These are all such gorgeous looks, I really can't choose a favorite. I just love your style!

Great looks! I love the red/ burgundy tones which you always wear so well.
ETA my recent floral purchases, adding some life to my wardrobe. (That's not me in the pics)

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These are all great looks! I love florals too although I don't actually have many in my closet. I also prefer dark florals and black and white colored florals. I think that keeps them from looking too "sweet".

Very late to the party but I just wanted to see that every outfit is so perfect on you, Brooklyn. You wear these moody florals extremely well, and might I just add that your accessories game is on point too! (I am taking copious notes!)

Sorry about the ripped dress -(

You look wonderful in each of these outfits! I love florals, too, though i don't have very many pieces in my wardrobe at the moment.

YLF! I love floral too.

Brooklyn, I only identified the florals so that I wouldn't rule them out completely, lol! I will admit though, I haven't been shopping much in the past couple of years, and as I think about it...very light on patterns in general. #ineedtogoshopping

Dana, yes, add some pattern! I think pattern is a great way to add some interest in summer, when it's too hot to layer.

Inge, Joyce, SarahF and RobinF, thank you!

SaraL, I am with you. Nothing wrong with a sweet look though. I work with a couple of women who wear floral in a sort of retro 50s way, and they look great.

Helen, those are great florals for your tropical climate. I think your gym floral beats my gym floral