I hear you now. WHAT? you are saying? Haven't we seen her wearing that darned thing a dozen times?

Well, yes, but so far you were the only ones who had because I had not worn it out of the house.

Tonight I did, to introduce a friend at her book launch. Got lots of compliments and enjoyed wearing it immensely.

It was still a bit warm here for perfect comfort, to be honest. (Temps were only about 16C -- but it felt much warmer due to high humidity.) So I felt a bit itchy around my collar/ chest area at times (despite layering the gilet over a silk shirt.) But I'm looking forward to creating more outfits with it in the next few weeks as the humidity continues to moderate.

Angie, if you read this -- I have a question. I tried it on with various booties and the cropped jeans tonight, and honestly I did not like any as well as I liked my Okalas, sandal booties, or these silver pumps. What's the reason, do you think, and what is a possible deep fall/ winter solution?

Am I just wanting more structure because of the length of the gilet on me, perhaps? I liked it reasonably well with the new J. Crew culottes and snug fitting knee high boots...but in general I really seem to want to see a hint of skin somewhere with this -- either in the arms (i.e. a sleeveless top or at minimum scrunched or short sleeves), at the neckline (like a shirt collar top), and preferably also at the ankle.

Sigh...I so miss those hints of visible skin -- somehow for me they seem to balance and create coherence in every single outfit, and when I have to do without , I feel sad...

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