Fabulous Suz. Do you have any short sleeved turtlenecks like this one (I know it's not your favourite colour). I love the gilet with a tee neck and it still shows lots of skin.

You continue to wow me with your key dramatic pieces (I am thinking about the glen plaid culottes, the denim culottes and this - with your hair the crowning glory.) Your style evolution has been a delight to watch Suz - and I think you have reached a new level. I guess I mean that I admire how you keep evaluating where you could have become complacent because you already looked great. (And happy new year to you and your whole family!)

Happy New Year to you, too, Jaime -- Mr. Suz is on his way to Israel in a few weeks, by the way....

Brooklyn, I don't have any short sleeve turtlenecks but I have sleeveless ones. I think a few short sleeved ones might be a good idea -- thank you!

I love this....where is the shirt from?

Thanks, Chris. The shirt is an older Ann Taylor shirt -- I think I got it 3 or 4 years ago? Still in great shape and much beloved. I'm sorry I don't have a Find for it -- it predates the Finds feature and I haven't got around to adding a custom Find.

Suz, I suspect your longing for a hint of skin is your soul rebelling against the months of winter to come. May I suggest you'd get the same visual lightening up effect if you use some light colour(s) in the outfit somewhere. Light coloured booties, sure, but also try it with a white or cream sweater or shirt under the gilet. Your new hair will let you carry off more contrast than your blonde self did.

Beautiful look, Suz. And I know exactly how you feel re open footwear. I like my vest best with open footwear as well. Maybe it just looks lighter. I'm not switching to booties until I absolutely have to.

Suz, this is beautiful, and I love it with the silver shoes and think it would look spectacular with the Okalas, too. May I ask what size you bought? There's a reason. I bought the only size left, a 4, and while I'm generally a 2, this one seems to fit well.

It's so helpful to hear what Angie and the others have said about your gilet. It's a bit too warm here, at the moment, but I love the way it pulls an outfit together, as you've shown.

Your version is really lovely.

That's a fabulous polished outfit and those shoes are really beautiful.

The entire outfit is brilliant, Suz, and the gilet really was made for you, WOW!

I love this Suz and your silver pumps look amazing.

Thank you all, and Vicki, the size is 2. I think that is what you would need but it is possible you might work in the 4 as if fits narrowly and I have a smaller bust than you -- so possibly worth a try?

I love this, the silver shoes work great with it. I hear you on the winter though, we get cold here in MI too and I just can't have bare ankles once it hits the 40's and 50's. I do like this with the skinny jeans as well as Angie's version.

Wow, your styling here is perfect! &I was going to say to try metallic or lighter color for the booties instead of showing skin when colder, but then I saw Angie's answer, spot on!

Vicki......I would generally wear a regular size 2 as well. But, I bought the gillet in a 4 and I don't think I'd want it any smaller. I'm a 30DD bust, broad shoulders.

Stunning! It's so fantastic on you, I just love it.

Thank you, Suz and Marilyn; this is most helpful, as I am also a 30DD, however, I have narrow shoulders, but the overall size seems narrow and I was concerned about the length, too, as I'm 5'3". I know it's not meant to be buttoned, but even so, with the center button closed, it is a narrow fit and that may be because I am an hourglass.

Angie sometimes wears hers buttoned and I do also when outdoors in the wind. It's meant to fit loosely enough that it can be buttoned, I think.

Vicki I'm only half an inch to an inch taller than you are and seem to be getting away with it at full length. I think Marilyn had her shortened a bit. It's not a difficult alteration.

Suz, this is marvellous! Though I don't know that I'd want to wear the gilet on a day that was warm enough for me to wear shoes as open as that.

Are you still considering getting yours shortened?

C1, I think I'm going to leave it as is for now...how about you? Angie seemed to think it was fine...the only thing is, I don't like it on myself with flats. So if I decide to wear it more with flat shoes I might shorten.

Suz and Vicki........Yes, I'm 5' and I shortened mine to just below the knee. It's an easy alteration and as a sewer I was able to do it myself.

I like the gillet both open and buttoned and the size 4 allows me to layer over a thick sweater, etc. but because it's fitted and tailored it also works with a thin layer underneath.

I'm probably going to leave it as is too, though the fact that I exchanged mine for the $230 one means tailoring could be in the budget--but I don't have a dependable tailor nearby and am not near a Nordstrom's. I have only worn it with heels myself, though the second wearing involved just a knee high boot of 1.5'' heel.