This is the post I mentioned previously. For me it is finding tops and dresses with sleeves to elbows in warm weather fabrics. I became very acutely aware of this arm problem a while back when I overheard a conversation between a couple of younger women making fun of older women's upper arms.

I have solved the problem with fitting of jeans and pants by finding just the right rise that hits just right on my hips. Also am happy to see that they are making a lot more high rise skinnies so will be trying those.

Am getting over the knee thing, and will wear my one pair of saved shorts -like maybe for running my dog -just around home and local park.

Read somewhere a remark about older woman like she never heard of sun screen-well they didn't have sun screen when we were younger. I spent my 30's and 40's in hot southern California sun sailing, swimming in the ocean, on the beach almost all day with my kids sailing and swimming lessons. Only thing we had then was zink oxide for our noses. So yes, I have sun damage-but those years sure were fun, and I could wear a bikini. now I just would like to be able to wear a bathing suit and swim in a hotel pool,,but I won't. maybe when I get to be 80 I will, because by then I will be happy just to be able to swim, if I still can.

So I guess if they would bring back those late 19th century bathing suits I would be the first one to get one.

Covering bodies from elbows to below knees in hot weather is a problem, and especially when going to a dressy event like outdoor wedding. Everyone is bare legged, sleevless and the you are in a 3/4 sleeve below the knee dress and sweating. Not fun!