You know, it's all why there's a whole special word for young people, indicative of their embarrassing lack of experience, sophistication, sense of proportion, etc.: Callow. It's why society doesn't like 12-24 year olds. Why there are special curfews for them and everything. I'm just saying - I recall the appallingly idiotic conclusions I drew as a teenager, hehe.

Anyways, I do like being covered up in the sun. Being fried alive is for petulant children; it's how they learn. I got a nice little light linen jacket from Nordies while NAS was going on. Adds a bit of polish as well as sunburn protection.

Maybe if we saw more older women's bodies...and bare legs and arms when wouldn't be such a cultural taboo? Let's show em what we got!

At the moment, I feel pretty ok about the body changes. Grateful to have a body! But it's also nice to see someone I can identify with at times. Recently I saw a photo of the lovely Jane Birkin, now 68, wearing a sleeveless black dress and her upper arms sagged a bit and you know, somehow it made me feel just a bit more accepting of mine...which I also don't hide.

For changing bodies, there are of course, baggy or wrap dresses. I don't wear dresses to speak of these days, but recently I'm wearing some Japanese fisherman pants I like, which wrap and tie.