After ending a ending a 70-Day Purchasing Fast, I implemented a new shopping strategy. My goal was to do two large shops a year, each at the beginning of the Season. Although my plan includes two major shops per year, there will be minor shopping the rest of the year to fill in gaps as needed. I want to emphasize "minor" because if I did my upfront planning correctly, there shouldn't be too much that I would need over the Summer.

I started my Spring Shop on March 27th. It didn’t dawn on me until nearly the end of April that I did not have a blueprint for this type of shopping. I posted my concern and received advice, support, and encouragement:

I bought bottoms (special occasion, work, at-home casual); tops (work, casual); belt (work); jacket (vacation); trail shoes (vacation); scarf (vacation); and hat (vacation).

Pants: six bottoms that included colors in red, midnight, fuchsia, olive, and black. Dressy casual was a category I actively shopped. I bought and tried on a multitude of different brands and styles. All were eventually returned.

-Two bottoms for work.
-Zero for dressy casual.
-Three bottoms for at-home casual.
-One for special events.

Tops: I had such good luck finding tops this year/season. I found eleven tops from Brooks Brothers, Banana Republic, Uniqlo, Nordstrom, and Landsend. I took Angie's advice and duplicated several of them.

-Two linen button down shirts, one in white and one in yellow. Although the colors are different, the shape of the blouses are nearly identical. So I consider this a duplication.

-Four short sleeve crewneck knit pullovers in navy, mid-blue, magenta, and yellow. I considered duplicating but opted against it because four seemed like a sufficient number especially in light of Jenn’s post about the 30 wears =>

-Two elbow length tee shirts in peacoat navy (duplicated).

-One sleeveless stripped top for deep summer.

-Two heattech tops from Uniqlo (another duplication).

Jacket: One fleece jacket with lots of zippers in navy.

Trail shoes: One pair.

Hat: One very light weight hat.

Belt: One belt.

Scarf: One floral for warmth, protection from the sun, and added color boost. Why are scarfs so expensive?

The question is "have I put together a comprehensive wardrobe I can wear all Summer long without continuing to buy throughout the season?" Feast followed by light snacking the rest of the season? I actually think I have.

The single category I was not able to find were dressy casual bottoms. I tried on so many variations, but I did not buy any of them. The reasons for returning them varied. It all boiled down to me not having a clue what I wanted. I may have to spend the next few months observing what others in my area are wearing.

I listed the following criteria to evaluate this new approach.

Did I continue to spend at the same rate throughout the remainder of the season?
How often did I wear the new items?
Did buying a lot of new items means that older items in my wardrobe were neglected?
What was a success?
What was a failure?
Was this a more efficient and effective way to shop for clothing?
How did the cost compare to this time in 2016?

Early impressions are that seasonal shops are the next step in my fashion journey. I was able to shop with a clear and comprehensive plan in mind. It seemed easier somehow.

One poster commented that if I settle on knit tops now what happens if something better comes along next month. That is a concern. I am going to handle it by just not looking. Supposedly this strategy will free up time. That time won't be spent shopping ... unless there is a clear need.

Oh, and today is the 27th. So it took 31 days from start to finish.