Hi Angie and Others;

I committed to changing my buying habits in 2017. My goal was to stop shopping throughout the year and commit to two large seasonal shops.

I started my first seasonal shop on March 27th with the intent of shopping the entire month of April. Having never tried this approach, this felt right. I did a lot of prep work. I was honest about what was needed and, most importantly, what suited my lifestyle and climate. I even planned for special events so that I did not find myself panicked and rushing to the store to buy whatever was available. I did not buy one single thing that did not seamlessly work with my existing wardrobe. I bought new fresh colors to liven things up.

My shop included bottoms for special occasion, work, casual, and vacation; tops for work, casual, and vacation; and assorted gearish items for an upcoming vacation.

Tops are my achilles heel and I found a lot of tops in retail this year that suited me. "Sartorial favorites" were duplicated. I found bottoms for work and special occasions. Finding the right bottoms for dressy casual is a challenge for me. I may have to define in actual words what dressy casual means to me and what parameters meet those objectives. I do know I want to be comfortable and yet look like I tried.

I have no blueprint for this type of shopping. Although I've read about this approach many, many times, I myself have never attempted it. I am concerned that I over-shopped in response to (1) permission to shop all of April, and (2) to compensate for what I perceived as a shopping draught during the Summer months. I am inclined to believe that this approach is better than my previous shopping strategy, but I am still curious if you have any guidance.