I'm kicking off Elizabeth's festive challenge with today's outfit. This is what I'm wearing to do lots of errands before I head out to see my Dad over the weekend in the Netherlands.

I used to love plaid shirts - (hello! I live in Seattle and live in walking distance from wear Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soon Garden jammed). But I went off them a few years ago so passed them on. Too casual and felt slumpy. But I LOVE plaids, so I got this dressy tartan shirt last year that's more my style. Love it, especially with white jeans, and at this time of year.

Today, I threw on a navy t-neck and layered the shirt over it Ralph Lauren style, and as a nod to the fabulous '70s. Tucked it into my new favourite carpenter jeans, and added workhorse white western shooties. Topper of choice is a very old navy military coat. New watermelon specs and bag are the bright cherry on top, and make me happy. They add a festive touch.

A Trendy Modern Classic look:

Shirt, T-neck, Coat, Bag, Make-Up = Modern Classic

Jeans, Specs, Hairstyle, Shoes, Tucking = Trendy

All the darks are dark blue, not black. I wear these reds year-round, not just for the holidays because I LOVE RED.

(... as I mentioned, wearing the hair wavy today.....)

ETA: the Classics never let me down.