Wow, I love the red and blue together. Normally you wear a lot of brights and sours. I can identify better with all the darks in this outfit. I hear you on plaid flannel. The crisp shirt option seems much dressier.
I love your coat!! TDF!

Ralph Lauren, indeed! Love the tartan shirt and pops of red. Great to see you long and wavy fringe, too!

Smittie, I wear a lot of dark blue too! I LOVE dark blue. But it’s usually with a bright or white - you and Suz can borrow my coat.

Joy, you van borrow the outfit too. I demand tea and cake as compensation.

Beth Ann and Karie, nice to see you pop in.

Unfrumped, Bijou, and Mainelady, you are lovely as always.

AliceinWonderland, thanks for the hair compliment. Fun to wear it straight and wavy so I don't get bored.

Opaline, HIGH FIVE, fellow plaid and brights lover.

Kelly, you are as gracious as ever. Thank you.

kkards, I like a bit if Prep. I want to live in Boston.

I love plaid too .You look super sharp in this outfit.

LOVE this from head to toe! Red is my favorite color, I wear it year round, too - lips, tops, shoes, purses - no limit! I love how you broke down the classic vs trendy elements for us. Always helps to have a visual guide and explanation. Thank you, enjoy your errands looking fab and safe travels.

Add another enthusiastic voice to the chorus: you look fantastic and what a treat to see your outfit!

Makes my preppy gene sing! I love black stewart plaid. I have warm fuzzy flannel version from LLBean. It's a great pattern because it goes with just about everything.

I was so excited that I forgot to agree about flannel shirts. They start looking sad so soon that it is hard to even get one season out of them. I much prefer your crisp one. Sam needs a matchy sweater. I will take you to an amazing tea pavillion in Boulder with a goldfish pond in the middle.

The trick with flannel is that it goes through a sad, nubby phase for a few years, but if you keep wearing it around the house and washing it all the while, the pills will eventually disappear and you'll have a beautiful silky-soft shirt for a few years, before it starts to get thin and threadbare at the cuffs and elbows. I've done this with three LL Bean flannels so far and am now on my fourth and fifth. Having a next-in-line is integral to the rotation.

Just a tiny touch of androgyny topped with the prettiest hair and face and colors. Truly stunning Angie!

Cardiff Girl and chouette22, you are lovely.

abc, you’re a honey, and TRY Boden. Go Team Red.

La Ped, go Team Preppy, and you crack me up. You’re SUCH a ‘90s gal!

Joy, you crack me up too. Go Team DRESSY Plaid Shirt.

Jaime, you are as gracious as ever. Thank you.