This started with last night's home manicure in a classic red. It took me 59 years to warm up to red nails, but now I can't get enough of it. That meant this week's looks need to be built around camel/black/grey/ivory. I wanted to wear these new jersey slit-hem pants from BB Dakota, and while I'm not thrilled with the fabric mix of top and bottom , I wanted a top with a bit of bum and crotch coverage, and this was the right silhouette. Top is a heavy stretch crepe, pants are jersey ...not the best pairing, but whatever. Then this rarely-worn cardigan caught my eye from my newly-organized closet, and all of a sudden I wanted to be in a Phoebe Philo photo shoot. I know I'm literally the only person on this forum who likes a loose cuff/voluminous sleeve, and I'm fine with that. I always feels it balances out my little head with my too-short hair . The weather is perfect for just a cardigan - not too cold and not too warm, so you have to take advantage of those days when you get them.

So the graphic buttons on the cardigan, 2-tone boots, plain black base pieces, red nails .....all called for minimal makeup with a blotted reddish lip, and silver jewellery . I really like this outfit, and will carry it on into tonight when I'm meeting friend for drinks and a bit to eat. I'll likely amp up the makeup a bit. Lastly, I know PP wouldn't be caught dead with a sort-of-blingy MK bag, but I liked the graphic quality of it and the shoulder chain strap picking up the silver necklace and bracelet I'm wearing.

This MK bag is a sore point with me (I'm not convinced it's genuine) but the local woman I bought it from (ordered from her sight unseen) was aghast that I'd even suggest it wasn't real leather and swore her source bought it from a Kors retail shop (and not an outlet). So I kept it and didn't mention it further .I'm still annoyed at it though

Lastly, with Angie as inspiration , I'm officially growing out my hair. My husband made the most hurtful comment ever about it this morning (about once a decade he mentions how he wishes I'd grow my hair and stop cutting it so short and it absolutely hurt my feelings today. Am I THAT unattractive ? Sheesh . His point of reference is stuck in 1979 I think) when I was out the door to the salon. I had just a little trim, and the plan is to do everything in my power to strengthen and grow my hair while improving it's health. Why is hair so fraught with emotion ? (well maybe the hair isn't, but you know what I mean...)

Anyways, thanks for reading and having a look. Comments always welcome !

cardigan - H&M (their higher-end label from a few years ago ? ) 100% wool
pants - BB Dakota - jersey
sleeveless top - Club Monaco
boots - Dolce Vita
bag - fake MK - lol
jewellery - mix of Jenny Bird and Pilgrim
scent - Jo Malone Yuzu
lip colour - from the Chanel Rose Natural Palette Essentielle, which is the most useful palette ever - absolutely worth the $

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