I give to you: The '80s !!

Ahaha! Tried to recreate the hair (never my forte) and clown makeup. Man, the whole makeup kit box had to come down. Had to put the robe on to keep the makeup off my dress. The bathroom is strewn with hair products. The diffuser is out. The teasing comb. All throughout the 'photo shoot' my hair was deflating. My current hair products are not up to the cardboard effect. Just don't have the fuscia shadows and lipsticks anymore. And I knocked off a giant clip-on earring trying to give you the sassy '80s head tilt.

Ahahaha! And this all took hours. How do you guys whip up your fashion challenges so fast?!

ETA: Challenge Link (so's I can find it again ;))

ETA: All era posts for the '80s