RunCarla, CarolS and a few others mentioned that today, and I empathize greatly because dressy formal shoes that are comfortable are hard to find and fit. It's the hardest part of my own dressy look to complete, for sure.

My strategy:

  • Go as dressy as you can in a style of shoe that you can wear reasonably comfortably for a short period of time. Remember that you don't need to run a marathon in these shoes
  • Keep it currently classic, modern retro, or avant-garde so that you don't tire of the look, and the vibe has longevity.

For me this means classic lowish heels in boots, loafers, and ankle strap pumps in cream, white or gold.

I've had the first pair of pumps for about a decade. They look new, and are worn once a year if that. Beautifully dainty on the foot.

I've had the gold loafers for eight years. So comfy! Surprisingly, they look great with skirts and dresses too.

I've had the patent cream boots for six years. A little high but fine for sitting and standing. The patent makes them extra dressy.

The flat loafers are new this year, and very comfy.

I've tried all the shoes on with all my more formal clothes and they look and feel great! Classic and current. I am VERY happy to have them ready to go in my wardrobe to avoid the mare of trying to find formal shoes that work with my feet.

Last week I wore the cream patent boots with my navy tulle skirt to a holiday dinner - smashing! They looked super dressy and very 2023

Hope this is helpful, and all tips welcome. LJP and Gryffin shared some great tips on today's blog post which they might want to repeat here.