Living in Australia, we are experiencing our summer and the really hot weather has only just started. For the next 3 to 4 months, it will be warm to hot weather and yet here I am placing a Boden order - with a view to buying a few nice sweaters for winter 2019.

I am happy with my choices and also very happy at the prices (being bought on discount), but I have reservations about buying so far ahead. I have yet to seriously think about my fashion goals for 2019 and what colours or style direction I want to take. I am hard on sweaters - they wear out pretty quickly, so a refresh is in order, but, I do wonder if any of these will once winter 2019 comes around just no longer feel right for me. Whilst I often buy early in the season, this is definitely far more early than usual for me.

Do you buy ahead of the season, and has it worked out for you?

I have often thought that NAS is early, well before winter, so that may have a similar impact for those of you in the US and Canada.

Finds are my winter 2019 sweater refreshes:
1 to 3 - Boden sweaters ordered today
4 - My Christmas fair isle sweater (with westies, so likely to be a favourite)
5 - a sweater that I bought at the end of the Australian winter and then decided to save as new for winter 2019 - so this is my new chunky sweater to be worn with skinny jeans.