I'm in the market for a new peacoat type item. There is no huge rush for this. My mixed media Vince Camuto colour-block peacoat (black and ink with faux leather details) will get me through another winter if need be, although it's starting to look rather tired. On a positive note, the reason it looks tired is that it's going into its fifth winter and I have worn it far more than any other coat in my collection. (It cost me all of $99 at Winner's. Big score.)

I may also be in the market for a bright or light puffer, but that's another issue.

For now, I'm considering a J. Crew Majesty pea coat. Perhaps. It comes in luscious colours, but for this item I suspect I might do best with classic navy. I don't really want the brass buttons but I can switch those out. It has returned to its previous cut (according to reviews, last year's version was a mess) and it is currently on sale.

My VC coat is actually a bit longer than the Majesty pea coat -- instead of coming to bottom of hip, it is a sort of tunic length -- not to the knee but somewhere on the thigh. I've found it a useful length. Similar options to that include the cocoon coat or the double breasted coat (which sadly, does not get great reviews). What I like about the cocoon coat is the high collar; my VC coat has this high funnel collar and can also be worn open, more revere style, as in a classic pea coat -- this, for me, has been a lovely feature of the coat. But, as I said, it's getting tired.

Do you have any experience of any of these coats, have you seen in person, how does sizing run, do you have any thoughts? I would appreciate info because I do not live close to a J. Crew store and must order online.

I would also be interested in seeing any alternatives (outside J. Crew, I mean) that you might have seen. I would consider paying a bit more for a classic coat of this type since it's proved itself a real wardrobe workhorse for me and is a very flattering style.