Late to the coat/relocation discussion ( tears!! you will be missed!!) but wanted to add my 2 cents!
Just purchased the coat below from The Bay (Friends and Family discount on now!) - and it's lovely! Fit is on the small side - so I wavered between XS and S - but ultimately chose the XS.

Sue, that's a really great coat! It also comes in purple, I see. Hmmm.....

Smittie, you may be right about the shivering. My friend Danielle who now lives there says most of her neighbours complain how cold it is when it gets down to 6. Ha!!

It hasn't happened yet, people -- I'm still in the east, and will be for a while. So Ottawa meetups and Toronto meetups are still on the cards!

Well, I'm very excited for your future, Suz -- in any climate! I have such lovely memories of my visit to Victoria/Vancouver!

I think a navy peacoat would be great for damper, cool, but not frigid winters. It would not be a waste at all to buy now.

As for the puffer, I have moved toward a layered "system" approach. Of course, EB, North Face and Columbia have been selling gear like this for years -- a packable down or fleece first layer with a shell outer. I created my own. Wouldn't a packable down jacket, with a hood and in a great color, but fun under that navy pea coat? The same down jacket could go underneath a gear raincoat shell -- a cute Athleta sort of thing. When/if you move, you've created a mix/match capsule for adverse weather.