I love teal. It can be rare but I think I’m pretty good at chasing it down and ferreting it out from its hiding places. Finding teal may even be my super power. Teal had a moment here in 2019 and I stocked up. But I’ve also been topping up ever since. You can never have too much teal.

These are my more recent acquisitions:

Pics 1-2: teal beads. I really wanted some teal beads. I asked an Etsy seller to custom make a set for me based on the peacock colours in pic 1. Nice!

Pic 3: teal upcycled ring. Made by my husband from resin and teal nail polish. I contributed the nail polish.

Pic 4: teal cotton jumper. From the men’s section at ASOS. Leave no retail stone unturned.

Pic 5: teal scarf. Thrifted. Who would give away teal? But I’m grateful anyway.

Pics 6-7: crochet top. I’ve had this cotton top from Anthro for a while. Something about the ivory colour, crochet and slightly puffy sleeves made it feel a bit too prim for me. Plus it got dirty really easily (I don’t have the “stay clean” super power). I dyed it teal green. Much better!

Pics 8-9: tie dye top. Cornflower blue is a really pretty colour, but I had trouble making this top work for me. Dyed it. Teal tie dye is so much better! (But I still long for teal ombré.)

Pic 10: upcycled skirt. We’ve talked about this already. An epic chase.

Pic 11: teal hoodie. My most recent teal acquisition.

These items join my, ahem, somewhat substantial teal capsule. See some of my Finds below.

Still on the lookout for:
Teal lace up boots
A teal single breasted wool coat in midi or midaxi length
A teal ombré leather jacket (please!!!!)
A teal large scale floral midi or midaxi skirt

Do you like teal? Are you good at chasing it down? Do you have a teal HEWI? Please step away from the peri peri chicken and tell us about your teal.

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