I was rummaging around in my scarves, and I found five polka dotted ones. The pattern of the burgundy one is woven in, not printed. It was a gift from our hotel in Istanbul.

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Lovely scarves JAileen!!
Laura - your spots are great. I like the dress a lot but can see it is not the easiest to wear. How would it be shortened to below knee length - would you wear it then? It is so elegant and classic.

Jenni, this is hilarious! I love it! Sucton Bagley! I am lauging so hard right now. It's almost cute!
Another one along the same lines: 1983, me (then French speaking teenager), asking my dad: ’’Papa, what does it mean, Shrink?’’
- (Dad, chocking in laughter) Shrink? Slang for psychotherapist, why?
- (Me): Because of this song's lyric:’ ’We're gonna take you to... - Beat it! Shrink Avenue’’ It's such a strange line...’’ I genuinely thought the song ’Electric Avenue’ was about people trying to avoid going in therapy, fearing therapists!

Laura, that dress on you is ravishing! Gosh!

Krish I should never have tried to speak in popular language. These days I don't try, I just accept that to young people I am uncool. Some people of my own age find me cool and that's great if it happens, I appreciate it! I am totally lost with popular speech now. I like your second story too- lots of people do fear therapists! And I agree with you about how gorgeous Laura's dress is

Krish, aww, thank you!

Jenni NZ also thank you! That dress has been hiding in the back of the closet for years. I was thrilled to find out it fits again.

Sal - Hmm, you may be right. Not much occasion for floor length dresses in my life. Hate to cut up something so beautiful, but it's not doing me any good in the closet.

Everybody - I started commenting on all the great polka dot outfits upthread, and it was turning into a *very* long post with more fab outfits to go. So can I just say, YOU LOOK FAB!

Jenni, it's precisely because of your healthy attitude that you are cool!

Thanks krishnidoux for your contributions too:)