It's been a disappointing year for dresses, but a brilliant one for pants, jeans, colours and patterns. I'm MILKING IT, loving it, and having lots of fun.

These outfits are a good gauge of what I wear daily as CASUAL wear at the moment. I don't wear sneakers when I work with clients, and usually wear pants, skirts or dresses (sometimes jeans, though) - so these are non-client outfits.

Lots of colour and pattern, very comfy footwear, warm layers, classics and trends, new items and old items, and everything on foot. Often with Sam.

New shorter hair that I sometimes wear straight and sometimes wavy. Trying to show you all the angles, hence the funny pics....

Last few pics are what I'm going to wear to a not too dressy Gala next week, and I'll curl my hair like the last pic. Very different - might not be your cuppa, and that's okay! I bat for Team Puffy Sleeves. I feel very happy in the outfit.