Very cute! I agree, those jeans are very comfortable and fit great. BR is hitting it out of the ball park this season!

Just out of curiosity, did you order the short length? I did, even though I am average height, so they would be around that length. Trying to work up my comfort level to wear them a little shorter than I have previously worn jeans. Jean comfort is high, comfort level not there yet but close...

Cryst, I’m wearing the BR jeans at the regular length. Not the short length. They are so fun!

Suntiger, thank you

You look amazing!!! You always challenge me in the best way to let myself shine in my clothes. I have found lately I am afraid to trust myself and work a little too hard on fitting perfectly into some fashion box. Which just drains all the joy when I am wearing clothes, gets me all nervous and dashes my confidence . Of course I want to look good in my clothes and not just what I think I see in my head. But I love how you show us that magical blend of personality nd technique.

So happy and bright! You look amazing hugs and love to you and Sam!

Keturah and Cheryl, you are so lovely. Thank you for your ongoing gracious and kind comments.

How the heck did I miss this post? Work has been insane the past several months. I love, love, love your outfits. As one who loves color as you its "Eye Candy" for me. And I can't get over how you can rock those funky mustard converse!!!

LOVE seeing you and your style in action!!!

mntsofthemoon and Juniper Green, how nice to see you chime in. Thanks for the kind compliments!