I had this conversation the other day on the soccer field, where I was standing with my skinny jeans tucked into my fuzzy uggs (yes, my thighs were flipping freezing while my feet were nice and warm) and having a conversation with the other parents about the tall boots/tight pants conundrum. One mom (the one who used to be an exotic dancer, of course) was singing the praises of the tight leather pants she was wearing. Certainly I think leather pants are warm (anyone remember the Friends episode where Ross gets his leather pants down and can't get them back up because he's too sweaty?), but I said I don't think you can wear leather pants in middle age unless you've been wearing them all along. Or, well, you could start wearing them in middle age, if you're comfortable with sending out a clear 'midlife crisis in progress' message to everyone around you. Stripper mom disagreed -- she thinks the only requirement is being slender, an idea I have trouble with -- but then her sartorial choices are...not the same as mine.

What do you think? Who gets to wear (tight) leather pants?

(This is a deliberately provocative question. I'm winking as I ask it).