Lol, this thread keeps coming back, like cucumbers and coffee.

wildemu, my opinion seems to be in the minority here, but I think a guy can wear tight black leather rock start pants if he's (a) young (which you are), (b) really really confident, or (c) an actual rock star. As for any other kind of leather pants on a guy, I really have no idea, because I've never seen a man wear them!

staysfit, if you're shopping for leather pants that aren't tight and black, then they aren't rock star pants.

AM -- leather face mask -- ahahaaaaa

ETA -- oops, let me amend my first comment. You can also wear tight black leather pants if you ride a motorcycle. I've got an acquaintance who rides, and I've seen him in his gear -- head-to-toe leather -- and he doesn't look like a poseur at all, because he's also carrying a helmet.

NO WAY!:-)). (-as pants never look that good on ME in general- it would be a look which reads rather trying much much too hard-). But what about a leather skirt? tHAT'S WHAT i did it in midlife- INSTEAD-and feelin' great!:-)

lyn67, I have no idea why, but the way I see it, a leather skirt is totally different. I've seen middle-aged and older women rock a leather skirt like no one's business. They come off as chic and sophisticated, rather than out of place.

But to be clear, I think that certain more relaxed styles of leather pants are similar, style-wise, to a leather skirt -- they come off as elegant rather than hard rock. When I asked the original question ('can you start wearing leather pants in midlife?'), the pants I had in mind were the skintight black thingies, possibly with zips. I think I posted some pictures upthread.

Noooooo!! I missed this thread by a year!! I need you, community.

So I'm 40 and I'm the one who's worn J Crew and Gap my whole life. Sweaters, jeans, boots, etc. I am uncomfortable if I'm the center of attention. Three kids later, I am holding my own (pouch and all) thankfully and with some exercise when I can get it in.

I can maaaaybe fathom wearing leather leggings out on a date or if we go to a Broadway show but not to the supermarket or anyplace around town, although I hear people raving out how comfortable they are (or at least can be). I just don't know though. Maybe if we host a Christmas party? I don't know.

I need feedback, everybody. How do you feel when you wear them? Do you feel like everyone's looking at you? Or did you? I know my husband would FAINT (in a good way) if I wore them but I am concerned about age, perception, etc.

I would buy them if I wanted them. I had tight black leather pants when I was in my 40s. I loved them. I have also had tight brown leather pants, tight olive green leather pants and tight brown suede pants. All of my leather pants were bought after 40. If I could have afforded decent leather pants when I was younger I would have bought them.
I might buy leather leggings. But really I don't have many places to wear them these days. Walking doggy. Going to Yoga. Grocery shopping. Music events. I know but DH is not Keith Richards.

I just don't want to end up with something super rubbery/cheap looking. I was thinking Ann Taylor. Their stuff can't be that hoochie mama, right?

If I'm a 6/8 normally and a 4 at AT, do you suppose I go 4 or 6? With leggings, should I go a size up? I don't want to feel like a sausage but also don't want them super loose.

Also, I have read about these fleece-lined ones. I'm cold a lot. Would the fleece ones turn me into a sweaty beast or would the normal ones keep me warm enough? I'm apt to lean toward the latter.

I personally don't like the feel of leather or pleather pants or leggings, but I think you can wear them at any age as long as you keep the rest of the outfit fairly clean and simple. They're really the standout of the ensemble.

Leather pants are sexy.

End of story.

Funny that this got bumped up again. I just read my response from a year ago, where I said I didn't think I'd ever go full on leather pants. Well, I can now report that my FAVOURITE leggings are leather, from Danier. They are a loose leggings, more like a cigarette pant. And far far more comfortable than any pleather bottoms I've tried. I truly love them.

I think a Christmas party, nice dinner, or evening event would be the perfect place to debut leather pants.
If you want to wear them day-to-day, Aida gave some great advice: Just style them as you would any skinny jean/pant, with the same footwear and top. Can you picture your existing daywear with them?
Also, as Suz, mentioned, a suede version would be a less jarring transition from a jcrew /gap wardrobe

It was really fun reading this thread!

EtA: It doesn't seem to me like the brand determines the houchy factor. I think you just need something that doesn't have zips and tassels.
I agree that Danier is a great place to buy leathers. I'm sorry I can't help with sizing. What I do know is that you're supposed to get leather pants rather tight because they stretch out.

Wow, does this thread ever have legs.

Fabfor40 -- I have revised my opinion somewhat since I started this a year ago. I've seen quite a few examples of leather leggings in the wild, and I guess my eye must have adjusted. I now feel like if the rest of the outfit is not over the top, leather leggings are fun and cool. Actual tight leather pants I just don't see very often, but I suspect that if you style them with something classy, like a gorgeous crisp white shirt -- on the loose side -- they would work for a woman of any age.

Why the heck can't anyone wear leather pants, if the pants look good? There is no age limit. Did you see Helen Mirren's leather biker jacket photo shoot a few years ago? Incredibly hot.

Some women look better in leather pants, some in skirts. C'est la vie.

A friend of mine once bought a pair of leather pants with a houndstooth pattern! Truly hideous in my opinion; at the same time she can wear whatever she wants.

> Wow, does this thread ever have legs.

Good one!