Angie's posts this week seem to be tailored to me, items with puff sleeves, ruffles and ditsy prints and buying for the season ahead.

My outfit today, is made up of all of these elements:

  • Puff sleeve and ruffle - the shirt
  • Ditsy print - shirt, skirt and jacket
  • Buying for the season ahead - all items

A shout out to Gryffin, the super sleuth of finding great items on sale who told me about this velvet suit at Veronica Beard. It is a stunning suit and I was lucky to purchase it at a fraction of the original price at the end of the North American winter. I'm wearing the jacket, I need to get the pants taken up pronto. Apologies that the lighting does not show the pattern on the jacket in my photo.

I make no apology for wearing frills, puff sleeves and ditsy prints. Early on in my professional career, working with predominantly clients in the mining and finance industries, I was told to dress like a man (navy, black and grey suits with cotton business shirts) so that my clients would take me seriously. I never felt true to myself in that prescribed uniform. As soon as I got promoted to a senior position, I reverted back to my true style, hoping to pave the way for younger women to be able to be seen as leaders by being themselves rather than having to look and behave in a masculine way.

The skirt and blouse found their way into my wardrobe in July 2021 after I had throat surgery and was looking for clothing to hide my scar as it was healing. Dark florals are a bit outside my normal colour palette, but I have enjoyed wearing them as something a bit different.

It is clearly apparent that feminine details are not to everyone's taste or suit their personal style, but as a Theatrical Romantic Kibbe, these are right for me. I found it disappointing that there were comments in the thread and on the forum that these features are juvenile.