I applaud your goal of inspiring young women to dress in their preferred style rather than in a masculine way. You looks fab in your outfit and I love your style.

Elegant stunning and definitely theatrical romantic. Nailed it!!

One of the things this forum does is showcase stunning authentic styles, I love seeing people being confident and true to themself in their own unique way. You are wonderful at doing this Bijou.

And whilst Kibbe can be complicated - I think it’s really helpful in developing your own style that works. When I go wrong is when I lean into something too dramatic or too classic when I am a natural - I still don’t know which type of natural but I want to be the flamboyant one!!

You look great. I agree with Angie, you should never feel bad about your sartorial preferences. I think you nailed your Kibbe body type. Enjoy it!

Your style is fantastic and I enjoy seeing your beautiful outfits. I think it is important being authentic to our own style preferences. I also stand out at work in my own bright colored outfits, and I don’t feel bad about it.

I love the variety of personal styles being expressed on the forum (echoing what Sal said). It’s no fun at all if everyone dresses the same!
I frankly don’t worry much about what people think of a particular style here. If someone doesn’t enjoy detail X or silhouette Y, it’s a limitation for them, not a reflection on me.

Sorry I forgot to say that I love this outfit, adore your style in general and appreciate the career backstory, especially as someone who also works in a male dominated environment. Personally I always found a bit freeing that there was no ‘norm’ to meet for me in my particular situation (but I’m also not career oriented, so not much at stake). Thanks for being your authentic self in life and here. It’s obvious that your clothes suit you perfectly.

lovely outfit as usual! I like how you mix the different textures, it's never easy to do but you always nail it!

Wow, gorgeous suit! You look fabulous as always. I like a bit of ruffle and love dark moody prints.

As far as being in the work place, I think we are in the same field (accounting?) and I had to wear suits back in the CPA firm/banking days. They didn't have to be menswear-ish fortunately but still pretty conservative. That is why I now wear colored jeans and sweaters to work. I don't miss the suits at all

Kellygirl, I like going darker in winter, it matches the moody weather.

Bonnie, you have enviable style yourself!

Sal, with your extravert personality and the fact that Farrah Fawcett is the poster girl for Flamboyant Natural, you have hit the jackpot of Kibbe types!

Adela, whilst I tend to dress intuitively, determining my Kibbe type was useful and rather than finding it limiting, it has helped me expand what I wear with a view to adding in some juxtaposition when wanting to wear architectural or sporty clothing.

Anchie, you and Angie look fabulous in colour. I especially love how you can wear yellow, which is such an uplifting colour.

Jules, I totally agree with you, I love seeing all sorts of style on the forum and often will then try to wear something similar but in a way that is appropriate for me.

Minaminu, I never really think too much about texture, but you are right, textural fabrics really appeal to me so I have a great variety in my wardrobe. Velvet has always been a fabric that I have loved.

Robin, I am glad to hear that you are able to wear what you enjoy, accountants can be a rather conservative bunch.

You wear darks and lights equally well! Seems like some people are more suited to one or the other. You're just lucky that way!

Late to this thread
1st, Bijou, you look FAB. Sophisticated and modern. I love the way you’ve played with texture and layering. And of course, the matchy matchy of this outfit, is well, perfect to me.
2nd, the most important thing I’ve learned here it that what i like and wear for myself, is what works for me. And that just because I don’t like it for myself doesn’t mean that its not great, its just not great for me.