There has been ample discussion on the style challenges of 2021 and the pitfalls of shopping during a pandemic including shopping mistakes. After evaluating those, and coming up with a new list of personal ‘no buy’ rules for 2022, I decided to re-review purchases made last year and list the best closet additions of 2021.

Of the 30+/- items I bought in 2021, I’ve still got 25+/- in rotation. Of these, the items pictured in Finds (below) have been workhorses.

#1 this merlot puffer (LE) is perfect for me and the life I lead. It keeps me comfortable on the coldest of days, is light weight and easy to move in. The neck and pockets are lined with soft fleece. There is a convenient internal chest pocket and two way zipper. The colour is saturated and rich. I wear this coat all-the-time.

# 2 the cream micro puffer (Uniqlo) is a repeat of a 2 yo golden beige puffer. It’s my version of a cardigan and in constant rotation.

#3 Levi’s 721 jeans. I stocked up early in the year and clocked 49 wears for the white jeans, 16 for the second pair of white jeans I decided to make into cutoffs, and 86 wears for the blue jeans (I have 3 in rotation). I picked up the straight cut 724 jeans (17 wears), but it is the 721’s I reach for.

#4 Denver Hayes V-neck t-shirts (men’s) 15-20 wears documented for each of the 4 colours. (My older lilac v-neck saw 15 wears.). I guess I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl after all…

#5 …but not 100% of the time! The LE navy and white button down saw 15 wears (the white one 8). I had the white version in mind when I shopped, and the patterned one was an afterthought!

#6 cream, blue, brown flannel bought in October, but worn 12 times before the end of the year. A cream, pale blue, and grey version has slightly less wears at 10 in 2021. I project high wear numbers for these two!

#7 floral sneakers (NoBull) comfortable out of the box, and perfect for my fussy feet, these inject a bit of fun into outfits made up from solid colours. I picked up a second pair (black) and DH and DS#2 own two pair each.

2021 saw a refresh of about 1/3 of my closet, and I’m quite happy with the new additions. Some older items: white cut off RL jeans, brown plaid moto pants, yellow floral hoodie, green merino sweater, dark floral turtle neck, black pea coat - continued as favourites, registering high numbers of wears in 2021 as well.

Did you score any great finds last year? Something that became an immediate workhorse in your closet, or something that sparked joy?