Angie's post is timely as I've been contemplating some of the shopping mistakes I made last year and any patterns I could identify that will make me wiser in 2022. I can summarize them with three "famous last words" ... I hear these in my head, so may as well listen! Interestingly, there were successful 'exceptions' to each famous last words, reminding me that these learnings are tools not rules, and to be taken in stride

"Love this piece - shoulda got it in black (or navy/blue or white)" - this is not to say that colour doesn't work, but in particular for everyday tops, I made several purchases that I wish I'd gotten in one of my core neutrals (the rose brown balloon-sleeve sweater shown in finds being the biggest forehead slap of 2021 - if I'd gotten a core neutral, I'm sure I would wear it 4 times as frequently). Successful colour purchases tend to be items that I am not necessarily going to wear super-frequently and that aren't essential (like an everyday knit) - more accents than staples. Learning: purchase essentials in my essential neutrals!

"I need to purchase more fun pieces" - a truly successful fun piece will jump off the rack (witness my successful bright red sweatershirt). If I am looking for 'fun', well, just don't (forehead slap of the year - the gray and white leopard print tee ... which also crosses into the next famous last words ....). Learning: If I have to call it fun, it's not fun. Move along.

"Sure, 'tis fine" - said in my Mom's south-west Irish accent, frequently said when she was fed up with doing something! Basically settling for items that are "close enough" when the item is not really that necessary. There will always be compromises - I don't have unlimited time, budget or patience! (a successful example would be my snow boots, which are not the most fashionable but fit the practical bill perfectly, so good enough). But especially with items that are not strictly needed, why settle? Fit and flattery issues are a big one here, but details such as necklines, etc. or listicle purchases also fall under this umbrella. And the 2021 forehead slap goes to ... a gray t-shirt that I think I wore once before it was relegated to the work-clothes pile. Learning: Consider whether the main priority for the item is met before deciding whether compromising elsewhere makes sense.

What's your 2021 forehead slap of the year?!?

Successes: winter boots (sure, they're fine), red sweater (fun!), burgundy boots (non-essential in a lovely colour)

Forehead slaps: rose brown sweater (colour shown is lighter) that I would wear out if it was black, gray tee (I couldn't be more patient because gray tees are so hard to find?!??!), "fun" leopard top