What Jules said.
If # 1 is comfortable. I admit to being conventional and not very aware of trends. I am so NOT a summer skirt- wearer, so not a good guide, either.
I know every is wearing midis with sneak but the shorter, just- below knee length looks better to my eye.
Also , in summer I may wear more tops untucked, with the pencil style you have option to wear boxy/ breezy shorter top
Or boxy hip- length.
This is based on the denim fabric also.
For a longer skirt, for warm weather, I might look at chambray, or linen blends, to be lighter and floatier.
There is a Nic+ Zoe skirt online at Nordstrom that I got in black linen, but also comes in a kind of chambray. But it’s only just long enough to knee- I’d actually like it an inch longer. It is not a midi but is floaty.
But it depends on how you like to look: dress/ move in your clothes, for me, skirts depend a lot on footwear you plan.

What a nice dilemma to have.. 3 skirts that look great! You can't go wrong with any choice, but my personal preference is #1.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.
Angie - thanks for the review, just ordered that one too and will postpone my decision until it arrives. I like the white stitching!

Anchie, just warning you, it's NOT soft and stretchy! It's raw and stiff

Angie, I have not returned any of the skirts yet, so no problem if I don’t like it. #3 also don’t have any strech and I am Ok with it.
I will report back

#4 was recommended by Angie and it arrived today. I ordered it in my usual size, it is roomy, especially around the waist, not so much arround the hips. My family like this one the best. DH said that this one is the most feminine, and DD said that it is the cutest. What do you think, is this the winner?

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I do like this most recent arrival. Is it comfy? I always have fit problems with this type of skirt.

Jessikams - I am curious, what kind of fit problems? So that I pay attention

The shape of the last skirt is soo yummy! I agree it may be the best skirt of the bunch! But it does look stiff in the fabric. How will a skirt like that behave? Will it roll up, make weird "lumps" in your lap when sitting, etc?

Late to the party, but I like the G-Star best!

Keep 1 and 4. They both look smashing on you and have very different vibes so they don’t duplicate each other.

I like the last one, as long as it’s comfortable and doesn’t shift around on you when you move throughout the day, or bunch up a lot when you sit. It does seem a little long for a stiff skirt, for my liking (I prefer anything that length to be more fluid), but that’s a personal comfort thing.

Janet and Synne - yes it is stiff, and because it is somewhat loose I worry that it will shift arround. And it does bunch up when sitting. Hmmm

That would give me pause. I’d wear it around the house a bit to see how it feels. If it loosens/stretches a bit with wear too, that may make it feel too baggy. I have one denim skirt from a few years ago, and it works for me precisely because it is a bit snug pencil style and a good weight of denim with some stretch. This means it tends to keep hugging me after I stand, sit, etc, and I don’t have to fuss with it much other than a little tug to straighten it when I stand up.

Janet - good idea to wear it arround the house and see how it behaves. Because it is so stiff without strech I think it will keep its shape, but better to confirm that. I am really looking for an easy summer skirt that I don’t need to worry about. #1 is more comfortable because of strech, but this one looks more fresh to my eye. Dilemma!

Personally I don't find stiff denim 'easy for summer'. I have a stiff denim halter dress the same length with no stretch, and I don't reach for it often. I cannot explain in detail why, it is just not this easy wearable item. Oh and it creases in the waist alot from sitting and the crease doesn't just fall out. Obviously a skirt won't do that in the waist but maybe on the hip/thigh area? Also not sure that you should compare 1 and 4 as they are so different.

Star, I don’t either. But our summers are hot and humid and denim is mostly useless for me then. If it’s not an extreme day, I can tolerate my stretchy denim skirt but I can’t imagine enjoying anything stiff on those days, unless it’s a beverage.

Janet (to the stiff beverage). I only wear this said denim dress at night - way too uncomfortable for hot day temperatures. Anchie I also have a denim pencil skirt which I love the pencil shape of but cannot wear it in summer at all (day or night). It says 100% cotton but I am sure it is not - EXTREMELY irritating in the heat on the waistband. So be sure the material on the inside of the waistband is smooth. Mine is a bit 'rough'/scratchy, maybe it has a polyester blend or the elastine is causing it. It was not a cheap skirt either.

I love #4. I wouldn't have realized it was stiff without going back to read the thread. Inexplicably, in my eyes it doesn't look stiff on you. Certainly agree with others, though, that heavier denim is a problem in hot weather.

4 is a winner and glad you ordered it and took a chance. I also like 3 as well but again it is personal preference.

I really liked your response to Fashintern moving into my 50s I have some of the same feelings. Not really insecurities. I have worked in IT my whole adult life. We have to insert our selves to ensure that people remember just because we have gray hair or look different that we are no less.

I think one advantage of stiff denim is that it stays away from the body, so it will probably be cooler than strechy denim that clings.

4 for the win. It's terrific!!

Yes, agreed - no stretch is definitely cooler. Maybe it is heavier? So for me doesn't feel like a summer slip on and go item.

I really love it, especially with those shoes. To me that shape reads dressier, more elegant than the others. Although understood that a denim skirt in itself is not dressy. But I am wondering how it looks with sneakers and how you're hoping to wear the skirt - casual, office, etc?

#1 is something I could throw on for just about any casual city activity in the summer. The new one wouldn't feel as effortless for me, while also not being appropriate for something like a wedding, but your style is overall dresser than mine.


Told you the G-Star style was a KILLER skirt, anchie! The quality, detailing and edgy fabric is amazing. The fit does not cling - and that's the best part. And sustainably and ethically made. LOVE IT

It's not tight, 100% cotton, and A-line, so I doubt it will be too hot to wear.

*waving at my denim skirt twin*

Just had a good look at the skirt on the G-Star Raw website and the 'nap texture' looks very similar to my 100% cotton 'itchy waist band' denim skirt. Mine only irritates in temps above approx. 27 degrees Celsius, maybe your summers are not that hot and humid as mine.

I think the forth option is the best fitting one! Like the material as well.

The new one is by far the most fashion -forward looking . I think it's great - and I don't even like denim skirts As to the fit etc, - that's something only you can decide on.