Yes, Anchie, I could not see details but I like #3 the best.

I like 2 so much I looked it up. This site has it for about half the Zalando price https://www.placedestendances......wE#2729326

Fashintern- thanks for the tip, but I don’t see the available sizes?? It seems ausverkauft

Sorry—I should’ve paid more attention before posting.

(I have not read the comments).

They all seem to fit well in the pics, anchie. But you need to walk around and do the sit-down test in all of them before deciding.

I like #2 best. PRETTY!

Then #3. Edgy in that typical G-Star way.

I like #1 the least. A little snug, but that is the point of the fit. Still a good skirt if that's the one you like best!

I will getting this one soon, and I'm excited!

Angie - I am still undecided. I kind of like 2 the best too, but I am concerned about gapping between the buttons. The one that you selected looks very nice - I haven’t noticed it during my search. But there is actually very good selection of denim midis currently, maybe I should keep looking.

Sounds good, and I will report back on my style.

Do the buttons gape when you sit?

This is what happens when I sit. Don‘t know how to explain so I took a photo Kind of bunching up?
Hm.. similar thing happens with #1 too but here I am less concerned because no holes. I haven’t worn skirt in so long that I don’t remember is this normal, LOL

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I like 1 most, then 3, then 2- but I've never been into skirts with buttons.

I was going to say #1 (although they all look great) and then I saw the additional photos of 3 and I think I like that one best. I would worry about gaping with the buttons of 2. #1 looks great, but is not going to feel as casual.

No 2 for me.

But your preference is the one that counts.

I get why people are giving different reactions to #1, because I think it’s more down to personal preference on pencils and the fact that the A line midis are a little more on trend. I do think it’s interesting someone said the pencil was less casual, it’s actually reading more casual to me because of the fading and I think because it’s closer to the classic 5-pocket denim skirt cut. Whereas the midis look more grown up, both more on trend but also maybe a bit classic/retro (I’ve been watching Hitchcock movies so those 50s full skirts are on the brain!). Wow I’m really all over the place, huh?
I like both styles and would be tempted to keep both (meaning #1 and one of #2 or #3). I think #1 would lend itself to edgier, tougher, sexier looks (within your own style range!) and the A lines are more classic, proper, etc. You wear everything well so it’s hard to pick!

I like #1 best. Button fronts are problematic. Standing it looks like it is already pulling over the belly. I don't like being bothered with worrying about that and so I long ago stopped buying button front skirts. The last one is okay. In my life, #1 would be the best choice if it fits well and it sounds like it does for you.

I like 3 best for your crisp style and color palette. But maybe you dress a little less crisp on weekends... Like you said yoirself: if you're unconvinced about either, keep looking?

Thank you all for your feedback. I haven’t made decision yet, which is quite unusual for me. I will try couple of outfits today to see which skirt plays best with the rest of my wardrobe. Hope that will help.

After playing in my closet a little bit, I am leaning towards #1. It is the easiest to style. #2 and #3 look good only with fitted top that shows some skin, otherwise I look like a nun in it.
I used to wear more fitted, feminine and sexy clothes when I still colored my hair, but once I went gray, I started feeling old and invisible and started dressing more modestly.

Good choice, definitely my favourite for a denim skirt. Your gray hair is stunning, you are one of the people that has inspired me to grow in mine, and I am not planning on being invisible, which btw, you could never be

My preference is definitely #1. I think the second one overwhelms you, and the third one seems... awkward? I don't normally lean bombshell at all in my preferences, but #1 is not too short or too tight, and the denim really brings it down a notch into appropriate casual territory. Last, the first skirt would be easiest to pair with both slim AND voluminous toppers. It reads the most versatile to me.

(Haven't time to read the comments.) I vote #2. It looks really great on you!

Number 1 is my favorite. You look smashing in it and you said it was the loosest. That seals it for me.

My favorite is #1 if it’s comfy!

I vote for no. 1, with second choice no. 2. I do find midis harder to style in a flattering way. But if it were me, I might choose whichever one is different from what I already have in my closet, to get some variety.

I liked #2 best at first glance, but reading yours and others responses I lean more towards #1 now as most versatile.
I am interested in that feeling of invisibility you get with the grey hair. I can relate to that. That might be something us silver-haired Fabbers could explore. I am almost 10 years older than you though and feel sad that you feel that way, because you’re gorgeous!

What I don’t understand about the grey hair comment is that you said you felt old and invisible and then it sounds like you decided to dress to match that feeling instead of digging down to show off your vitality and spunk.

Skirt #1 looks too restrictive to me, but maybe you don’t do the kinds of weird things I do. It’s about the same length as my blue paisley skirt, in which I regularly hop a fence at the corner of our yard, ride a bike, and assorted other craziness. I don’t think a pencil skirt works for those kinds of things, or even for squatting down. I’d rather gather the volume of #2 in my hand (or knot it) for such exploits than worry that the bike seat was going to split my rear seam.

I hope you enjoy wearing #1 lots of ways, including some of the bombshell looks possible with a pencil skirt.

Regarding feelings about gray hair. I stopped coloring my hair in my early forties, and was completely gray relatively young. And that was not by choice but a result of traumatizing allergic reaction to hair dye. Add to that many negative and unsupportive comments by people who didn’t know about my allergy and were urging me to start coloring again. I started feeling insecure and questioning my appearance. I thought that I will look silly and like trying too hard by dressing young and sexy, when I didn’t feel like it anymore. So I stopped wearing v necks, sleeveless, shorter skirts, sheath dresses, cardigans and heels.

At work, newly hired young IT guys started comparing me with their mothers, they would tell me what to type and try to take over my mouse and keyboard to show me how to do things even though I had more experience and better knowledge. But they would quickly learn not to do that LOL.

Men stopped hitting on me, that was partly relief but partly contributed to feelings of invisibility. I was used to getting a lot of attention which was flattering but also mostly unwelcome and annoying.

“ But they would quickly learn not to do that LOL.”. I bet they did! Go, Anchie!

I hear you guys hitting on you. Was surprising as I started losing weight, but now I take it all as a game, very differently than the first time around, when I was younger, and tend to observe the interaction as though it was someone else. I bet that now that you’re stepping out in confidence again, people are noticing you more again.

Anchie, FYI, I just got the G-Star RAW 100% denim skirt and LOVE it! Beautifully made, and sustainably and ethically too. It's just the edgy classic I wanted. A-line, no stretch, no distressing. White stitching! Very comfy and quite roomy. It's size 25 which is what I usually wear, and runs a little big. But since it's stiff and raw denim, I'm not sizing down. Great long midi length too. Maybe you want to try that one too?

I love that you chose the pencil! Can’t wait to see some outfits