Ok - re the "raw and stiff " part: how does it not slide right up under your arm pits when you sit down? That's always been my beef with structured skirts - and the minute I hear the words " stiff " and "denim" together, alarm bells go off.

As others have mentioned too, this kind of skirt tends to move around a lot on me. The waistband shifts up to my ribcage when I sit (and if there's a slit, then the slit is way too high and exposing everything). Or the skirt twists itself around when I walk, so that it ends up facing backwards. If the waistband is tight, then it won't move like that, but a tight waistband may not be comfy in summer. I guess skirts are often too tight in the thighs on me, and too loose in the waist. I hope your around-the-house fit tests show that it's a winner, because it does look great! And that dark denim won't show sweat marks or water marks from a dripping beverage either, which is nice for summer.

DID NOT read comments but for your style I would suggest the last one-now off to see other comments for my validation(or not:-)).

I like skirt 4. Your family is correct, it looks cutest. Hope you keep it! No time to go back and read the rest of the opinions.....

Yes, 4 is the winner!

I wouldn’t be wearing that in my hot, humid summers, any more than I’d be wearing jeans (in fact my personal definition of hot weather is not being able to wear jeans comfortably, even cropped styles; it’s as much to do with humidity as temperature). However due to the length I think it would be great for cooler summer temps and transitional weather. The same weather people wear cropped pants and no socks for. Weather that barely exists here, sadly!

I really love the look of the last one but worry about the stiffness, for all the reasons Jessikams said. I would also worry about stiff denim in the heat of my former climate (which is similar to yours, I think). I can see it as perfect for my current climate, so it might work well for you in parts of June and then September, would be my guess.

Here's the thing. Do you wear full length jeans at all in the summer? If not, then a long denim skirt will only be marginally cooler, and might not be breezy enough for your summer climate.

Also, if it creases easily, it will frustrate you. For casual wear, you want to grab and go.

Having said that, I LOVE how it looks on you so much that I want one myself, LOL!

Yes to 4 - the best of all worlds imo

Apologies for disappearing - perils of working from home - difficult to tell when work day is over.
I carefully read all your feedback, and i have some of the same concerns, especially about riding, bunching and shifting around. I am less concerned about it being too warm for the summer. I tried wearing it at home to test the fit issues but I was too cold in it. Because of the stiff fabric the skirt doesn’t touch my legs at all, making them feeling completely bare. So definitely not the same feeling as wearing jeans, which I usually don’t wear during the summer.
My main concern currently are styling options. I will have a quiet weekend at home and will play in my closet to see how I like it styled in different ways. I really need to make a decision soon.

Haven't read through all, but I would rule out 3 as the length isn't great. If you got for a stragith style, I like the style of 4 the best, as the wash and stitching is super cool and modern. 1 fits great though and gives you a long line with a tucked top. If you're going for more of a 70's a-line midi, then I'd say 2.

I have made my decision with your help, thank you so much. I am keeping #4!
After playing in my closet this morning I have discovered that #4 is much more versatile than I thought. It can be dressed up to go to work and dress down to go to the beach. And everything in between. It can be styled equally well for winter and for the summer. I made outfits with tank tops and flip flops, and with boots, tights, sweaters and jackets. It looks equally good with sneakers, sandals and pumps. So many possibilities, can’t wait to wear some of them soon!

Angie - how do you plan to wear yours?

The fourth option is great! Love the pop of white stitching. With the striped top and citron flats, I thought for a moment you'd posted a photo of Angie! You two will make amazing skirt twins.

Great! That’s the way to do it- try it with things to see how it’d actually work.

I'm glad you have made a decision! It was certainly tough, with so many good options. No. 4 looks awesome.

Excellent, can’t wait to see it in outfits!

Sounds like a great choice. Looking forward to outfit photos.

*waving at my skirt twin*

Anchie, with these tops for starters. Sometimes worn out. Sometimes tucked, or semi-tucked. Sneakers, boots, loafers or ballet flats. Toppers TBD.

Angie - thanks for the ideas, i have some same and some similar tops. Toppers seem more tricky, see my two attempts

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I like it with the blazer and T.