I prefer bags to shoes - always have. I never need another bag - I simply want it. My favourite accessory.

Sooooo, I keep on thinking about this pet, since I'm into cross-bodys this year, and am having fun with olive. I don't have a bag with a guitar strap yet, and this darling is beautifully made with gold hardware. Would look quite good with my new specs, Dre jeans, utility pants and anorak (see Finds). WILD CARD.

My NAS budget is spent, but I have a birthday gift card that I could use so I shan't be over budget. I was going to use the gift card towards a replacement pair of cognac boots, (since I've walked my Prada boots into the ground).

Decisions, decisions......

I love the adrenalin rush of the temporary uncertainty. It makes me feel in control.

What do you think?

ETA: One left at the Flagship. It was meant to be.