The travel capsule worked perfectly. With more sets of undies, I could easily have gone another week. I was very happy with my outfits. Had lots of variety within the outfit formula, and the colours lifted my spirits. Wore my pixie multiple ways. Thankfully, I also had very happy feet. We walked a lot as usual. It's not hard to clock in 20,000 steps by simply going about your day in an area like where my Dad lives in Europe.

We do the same things when I see my Dad in the Netherlands 3 to 4 times a year. It makes my Dad happy and is what he can manage (he turns 86 this year). Hope it's not boring for you. At least you can see the capsule in action.

Apart from Papa, Greg and Inge, the rest of the people in the pics are family. My brother very surprisingly stopped by for a couple of days which was fabulous.

ALWAYS fun and a treat to see Inge, who stayed for two days this time. She was KILLER fab in her casual glam looks as always. Brilliant that Greg could join me this time too.

I bought some fun stuff that I'll share in a blog post next week. I wore my white jeans twice and thanks to my super power - not a mark on them

All things considered, Papa is doing well, and is thrilled when we visit. xo