You are such a good daughter, Angie! You're Papa must feel so blessed whenever the gang gets together.

All the pictures are FAB, but #2 with your handsome dad and #34 of the happy family just melts my heart!

Beautiful. Your Papa has a warming smile. It’s always fun to see you and Inge together and you both have some fierce booties! Not to mention the food you photograph there always looks so scrumptious. I’m happy you all had a joyous time together.

Awesome to see these. What gorgeous colours and happy family shots. Nice to see Greg! And doesn't your brother look like his Dad!
My fave garment of yours is your floral blazer. Put guard dog Sam on notice cos I'm a comin' to steal it!

Nothing makes my Papa as happy then when we visit, so that's why we go often. Thank you ever so much for the kind words, ladies. You are gracious.

Jenni, Sam's on guard, but do come in for tea and cake.

Saw these the other day but didn’t have time to post....thanks so much for sharing. It feels like we travel along with you every time you go. I’m sure the time with your dad was super special.

Here's hoping your dad stays healthy and sees more than a few more years, Angie

How wonderful that you all got to be together! Everyone looks so happy and stylish.

Oh, what can I say? I love it all!! (Except for maybe the mismatched shoes, ) Angie, this may be my favorite travel capsule yet. Inge, I love your amazing color combos and the confident way you're wearing your sneaks! Angie, I can't believe how young your papa looks for 86!!

Cee, thank you for your awfully sweet wishes. Much appreciated.

Karie, you're a honey.

Dana, you're awfully gracious as always. I need to meet you. You have been soooo loyal to YLF for soooo long. Thank you.

Beautiful photos—your father radiates such warmth in them. You’ll have to share some of your favourite recipes of “home” food! Here’s to many more enjoyable visits.

gradfashionista, what a sweet thing to say. Thank you.

So glad you got to go home, and how wonderful that your brother could visit!

You never realize how much you take your family for granted when they live close

Thistle, you're lovely.

You're welcome, Angie