This just makes me so happy. You're colourful styles, combined with your million watt smiles, cheer me up inside! Thank you for sharing @Angie and @Inge!

Angie, I always love seeing your photos from the Netherlands and this batch is no exception. The first thing I noticed (even just in the thumbnails!) is the beautiful colors - your yellow, inge’s cobalt, the pretty spring greens, and your rainbow food. Such happy brights!
I also love that you, Greg, Hugo, and papa all have fab specs to go with your happy smiles.

Amazing photos! Clearly my family needs to learn to take better photos, lol. And ohmigosh, a pancake house! I miss those - why don’t we have any anymore here? IHOP doesn’t count esp since it ditched its chalet decor :p

It looks like you had a wonderful trip and it is nice to have you back with us again.

Angie, looks like a great time had by all! You look beautiful, and your dad is looking very well! Welcome home!

Gorgeous pictures, Angie. I love the colours of your outfits. Inge looks fabulous in her cobalt coat.

What an absolutely delicious set of photos. I don't know what I love more -- the sight of you with your loved ones so near, the gorgeous sunny colours of your outfits, or the beautiful food and flowers. You and Inge both look incredible!!! Fabulous casual-dressy outfits that clearly went the distance for you both. Plus, you are so complementary in your acid bright coat and her bright blue! Greg and your brother also look so well and relaxed. What a joy to have them with you.

Your papa is looking very well. I know what this stage of life is like. It can be draining to make trips, but they are so very worth it. I am sure it gives your father great joy to know that you and your brother love him this much -- that you visit regularly from distant places.

Oh my gosh, you all are so darling and stylish. What wonderful pictures! The love you all have for each other just shines through!

Your Papa looks wonderful!! I hope he feels as well as he looks!! Glad you had such a marvelous trip. The joy radiates from each photo. So glad your brother could be with you!! So glad you make so much special time together!! Beaming hugs, love and health to all!!

Enjoyed looking at the pictures of your fun time together.

Angie, you look AMAZING in yellow--a happy colour which makes me think of sunshine and spring flowers.

These are beautiful photos! I'm glad your trip was so good

I marvel at/envy your ability to wear white and not spill. Seriously, I could put on white jeans and look at the first photo on my laptop, and still find I had blackberry juice and tomato soup stains on my jeans. I don't know how you manage.

I so enjoyed seeing your photos. Gorgeous group you all are! What wonderful memories you must have made. Your capsule did work well for you and I loved seeing Inge in the famous blue coat. I snagged mine at this year’s NAS.
I’ll bet Sam is happy that his family is home. Try to carve out time for a nap and welcome home.

Lovely photos, what a nice trip. Nice seeing your outfits “candid”, I think it gives a better real-life sense of them than more formal pics. That floral Boden blazer is a winner....

What fun to see your trip capsule. The food looks delish and your papa is the most dapper with his full smile for every picture. I love that you are wearing your bright happy colors and Greg is wearing his happy colors. Inge is glowing in her blue coat!

Wow, wow, wow! I will have to come back to these photos to absorb all the fabulousness.
Angie, you have never looked better.
And Inge. Spectacular in her teal scarf and burgundy boots.
Glad to hear your Papa is doing well. You all look so happy.
And how is Sam? Bet he was so excited to have you home.

Oh my word. You are all sooooo nice and lovely. Thank you for the awfully kind words, ladies. Your comments are therapeutic and gracious. I'm blushing, and blushing on behalf of my sweet Dad too.

My Dad was not doing well a year and three months ago. We are much relieved that he's doing better for now.

Brooklyn, YES. Sam is doing well - thanks for asking. He had a great time with the pet sitter, and was extremely well behaved. VERY happy to be reunited with sweet little boy.

Welcome back, Angie! As always, you pictures fill me with so much joy. So much good food, happy colors, great outfits and wonderful people. Thank you for sharing it all with us.

Echoing the other comments about how wonderful it is to see pictures from your trip! It’s generous of you to share them so we can share your experience vicariously. I love the picture of your Papa with the bouquet, and all the beautiful food pics.

The food in your photos always looks so fresh and delicious, actually everything about these photos looks fresh and delightful, love you in yellow, your dad in orange, and Inge is looking especially amazing these days.

Loving family adventure photos are never boring!

I always look forward to the photos of your visits to your Papa. He looks wonderful and so does everyone else in the pictures. It is great to see your beautiful capsule in action and all that yummy looking food, I need to go visit there, too...

Angie, I always find the car ride home from the airport unbearable after a trip away. I curse every change in lights or other traffic delay. I just can’t wait to see my puppy dog again. I bet you feel just the same.
I am glad Sam didn’t fret, having both you and Greg away. It’s hard not to worry about them.
Welcome back!

Oh what a treat! Your father is so very dapper and handsome Angie! It is so nice to see Greg with you, your Dad and your brother all having a ball. And Inge looks fantastic! The crossbody bag over the blue coat is perfection!
Your yellow/citron capsule suits you so well Angie. You are like a dynamic ball of sunshine lighting up the pictures. Gush, gush, I could go on and on ! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures!

Wow, thanx so much for the thread! Look at you in those bright happy citrons, your Papa in his oranges, DB in navies and Greg in his blacks -they are looking all so gorgeous-oh and Inge is smashing in her cobalt coat with burgundy accessories(nr 10&11 blew my mind)! Happy to see everybody doing great! Big LOVE!

Thank you SO much, ladies. You put a smile on my face with your awfully kind words.

Lyn67, Greg wears more ink blue then black these days actually. I love it.

Brooklyn, YES. I get it. High five. It's torturous leaving doggies behind when you go on holiday too. The day before a trip, I'm always ready not to go so that I can stay with our doggie(s).

Fabulous all around - fashion, food, family, and friends.

You have a lovely family! I can see your travel capsule worked great.
And Inge in cobalt! Wow.

Beautiful photos (and outfits!) with a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing

A little late to the party here - I was out of town for 4 days. The photos are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Looks like you all had such a wonderful time being with one another - although I must say it seemed like a fast trip. The food photos make my mouth water, the color and makes me long for good Dutch cheese, lol. Your outfits and the colors look smashing and I must say it looks like the weather was kind. Can't wait to see/hear about the fun finds you came home with. I love, love those blush shoes you got. The heal is just perfect height and the shoe is darling.

Lovely photos and pleased your Dad is doing better- and that Sam had a good time with the pet sitter!!

Your photos are lovely, happy and delicious!!

Such lovely, lovey comments. Thank you so much, ladies. You know how to put a forum smile on my face.