Smittie, sometimes a bicycle isn't just a bicycle. Especially not in the NL!

The pictures with your dad and brother are so cute. It's obvious that you all are related. The food all looks so yummy and now I'm hungry. Thanks for posting your trip photos as I love to look at pics of people's travels.

Awww, the bright and friendly outfits, family snaps, and YUMMY food give me the warm and fuzzies! Love em all!

(Making a mental note to pop the collar of my denim jacket and wear the scarf OUTSIDE the collar!)

Thanks for the taste of your holiday. You all look so happy and smashing.It makes me want to teleport (sp?)there.

So beautiful! I look forward to revisiting Holland -- it's been way too long since I was there. But where are the tulips? Not to worry, your gorgeous outfits are like a beautiful bouquet of color!

Your dad is very handsome, and looks so happy to have you there. And it was fun to see Inge joining the fun, looking fabulous as always. Welcome home, Angie!

You do color like no other! Gorgeous photos, beautiful colorful outfits, stunning.

What a lovely and stylish family. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your trip with us. The town looks spectacular, and the food, mmm, let's not talk about the food, it looks so tasty, I am already hungry.

Had to come back to drool over the food again! YUM!!!

Thanks for sharing, Angie! Wonderful pics. The pictures in the park with your dad, you and the ducks went straight to my heart. I'm very happy for you all that you have the opportunity to meet up like this. Wishing you all the best. And I absolutely adore all the bright colours everywhere.

I love that you share your life with us. You make me feel like part of your family and thanks for sharing those love pics.

Oh, how wonderful! I love the pics of the surroundings and the food (yum!!!), but really your family pics steal the show, especially your bright smile and your darling papa.

OF COURSE you look wonderful. Happy, healthy, and well put together. But that is not what truly inspires me. It is your respect for family and how you go the extra mile for your Father. That inspires me to try that much harder to be there for MY family and friends. Thank for the reminder of what is most important in this world.

Your dad's smile in those pictures really says it all!! How lovely that you and your brother were able to arrange for your visits to overlap!

Thank you for brightening a grey rainy day. I'm sure you brightened your father's days during your visit.

This is a feast for the eyes, Angie: your beautiful, colourful capsule, your lovely family, stylish Inge, and the yummy food (even that seems to match your colour palette!).

I hope you had a wonderful time with your dear Papa, brother and Inge. I'm sure your father appreciates having such a loving, caring family.

Your family (plus Inge) is adorable, and the pictures are lovely!

These are beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. I love all your outfits, and Inge's. Especially your floral scarf and Inge's boots. Your family look great too. Your dad always looks so happy and positive. He's a treasure.

I love the bright colors, especially the orange scarf which goes so well with your glasses. It captures the vividness of my favorite flowers, California poppies. (Black wardrobe notwithstanding, those two colors - clear bright orange and green - are my favorite mood lifters.)

I'm glad you're able to visit your father so often despite the distance. It's so hard to be far away as parents get older. I can see in the photos how happy he was that you and your brother were there.

Thanks for sharing, Angie, those are some wonderful pictures - you all look fabulous - of course. Your dad is certainly a dapper and young looking 85, and even the food looks happy!

Your photos are enchanting! Thanks for sharing. Time with loved ones is so precious. I hope you had a lovely trip.

Gorgeous photos! I love that you share these kind of posts with us!

What a treat! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us Angie. I see the photogenic gene runs in the family because your Dad and brother both look absolutely charming. And how wonderful that you get to see Inge too. Angie you look so poised and beautiful in every picture. The food looks good too! I am glad you had a good trip.

I love seeing real life functional pics! You look great. Inge looks great. Your brother looks great. And your dad looks great! Your dad always really reminds me of my dad and uncles. I just love that classic but bright style! Makes me want to go to Velp... and eat! Lol.

Beautiful photos, Angie! Thank you for sharing these mementos of your trip with us. You are such a devoted daughter, and your dad is so clearly happy to be around you.

I'm swooning in an overdose of adorable village, beautiful people, gorgeous green eyes, bright colors and yummy looking food. Your travel capsule exceeded expectations. Papa looks like such a sweetheart and his dress would be inspiring for men of any age. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for taking the time to share these lovely pics with us. They are so full of joy and beauty. I'm so glad you and your brother have been able to spend time with your dear Papa!

You look amazing, Inge looks amazing, your family is beautiful! I've also looked at enough pictures of what you ate that I'm hungry now LOL

Thank you so much for these pictures! I teach my daughter at home and we were learning about the Netherlands in Social Studies today. Now I have up to date pictures to show her of life in Velp.
That will tickle her toes:-)

You look radiant in all the pictures. Your dad looks 100% adorable and your brother is 'a chip off of the old block'. It must be interesting for your dad to see a younger version of himself and also for your brother to see a likely older version of himself. The resemblance is strong.

Inge is beautiful, such striking eyes.

It's refreshing to hear of a place where people enjoy good food and active lifestyles and reap the benefits of both.

Lovely photos Angie. You all look gorgeous and handsome. And tomato red/orange is definitely a family colour.

The food looks sensational and that patterned scarf has been a brilliant buy for you. It is perfect on you.

I am pleased you had this special time with your family - it must be a constant wrench for you.

Welcome back, Angie! I love your post-trip posts. Velp looks like a very pretty town. You, your Brother and your Dad make such a happy, lovely trio. Tell Dad he should consider a career in modeling! The food looks delicious. I especially like the picture of you and Dad with the ducks in the river. I'm happy to know that everything went well and that you had a good time!